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Here’s what you get

  • One: The Big Ticket Dashboard with the point-and-click BIG TICKET sales system that turns creating your big ticket sales system into a virtual no-brainer. 

  • Two: You get my 1 click marketing plan software. Type in how much you wana make. Click the button. It spits out your A to Z plan. (SAS software).

  • Three: You get step-by-step instructions on the automated webinar to appointment to app system that fuels the sales machine.

  • Four: The main thing is you follow the steps, you will get your whole Big Ticket Coaching sales machine set up.

  • Five: The associate program pays out 70% commission on JV Zoo

Big Ticket Dashboard & 1 Click Marketing Plan Software

Big Ticket Dashboard

Facebook ads

Automated webinars

1 Click Marketing Plan Software


 THE PROMISE: Step-by-step, “point ‘n click” big ticket sales system walks you through setting up your Big Ticket Sales Machine A to Z.

 THE UNIQUENESS: You will know how to get highly qualified leads and make big ticket sales — guaranteed. You will do that for a fraction of the cost of $15,000 to $30,000 training programs on the same topic. Period. And you get my 1 click marketing plan software. Type in how much you wanna make. Click the button. It spits out your full A to Z plan, ready to implement using the Big Ticket Dashboard!

 THE GUARANTEE: Click the icons. Follow the step-by-step screen caps and videos. You will know how to get highly qualified leads, webinar applications and make big ticket sales — or your money back. Plus, you also get my super bold QUADRUPLE-your-money-back guarantee.

 THE CREDIBILITY: Based on my own personal contacts, information network and in-depth research. You’ll get actual insider data and stats.

 THE BONUSES: The NEXT 50 people to respond to this offer will get a chance to grab several bonuses worth at least 5 times the cost of the Big Ticket Sales Dashboard.

PLUS, if you take action right now you’ll get TWO additional bonuses. (Details on the bonuses are at the end of this page.)

 AFFILIATE PROGRAM: Pays out 70% via JV Zoo, if you’re accepted.


Marlon here.

Dear Friend,

You start with the first icon. You click on it.

You follow the simple, easy steps. Then you go to icon two. Each icon takes 20 minutes or less. Next thing you know, you’ve got a whole system set up to get leads, do automated webinars, collect applications, automatically have appointments set — and get the big ticket money.

You could pay $10,000 up to $70,000 to learn how to make big ticket coaching sales. Or, you could give the Big Ticket Dashboard just 20 minutes a day, and you can stand out like King Kong in a movie theater.

What’s more, you won’t spend a bundle or sweat bullets wading through huge manuals. There’s no massive webinar archive to work through. No huge learning curve. No fluff, filler or “come-ons.” No waiting forever for the secrets to be revealed. No wasted fees. No long-winded b.s. No mucking around with trial and error. Nobody flaking out on you.

It’s called the point-and-click Big Ticket Sales System.  And it’s destined to become the latest rage to hit Internet marketing.  Why?  Because you don’t have to wade through dozens, hundreds or thousands of pages of information or sit through hundreds of hours of video.  Instead, you just click the icons and follow the simple, easy steps.

If you’re tired of trying to figure out how to make big ticket sales, if you can’t bear the thought of spending $15,000 to $70,000 for the secrets, if you’re fed up with people teasing you with “come-on” information, then here’s what my new Big Ticket Sales Dashboard will do for you:

1.  Walks you step-by-step through what to do and how to do it. Every step is clearly laid out and labeled with big, blue numbers and step-by-step screen caps (with support by video as needed). 

2.  Saves you tons of time. All you do is click and follow the instructions.  You don’t have to try to figure out what’s next.  You just click the next icon and follow the steps. The step-by-step screen caps make it much faster and easier to use and follow than programs that are all videos.

3.  No guessing about software. You could spend a small fortune in trial-and-error learning trying to find the software programs you need. And without the right inside info, you could easily spend 10X the cost of this program getting the wrong things that don’t really work.

4.  Gives you an A to Z system. Everything is covered from creating your hook, to getting automated webinar sign ups from Facebook ads, to the cost per application, to the qualifications survey, stick procedure, and strategy session.

You’ll get actual numbers, specifics, the what-to-do and how-to-do-it. No stone has been left unturned.

5. Something for you if you’re a beginner or advanced student. My Big Ticket Dashboard was created for beginners.  But I’ve included a few steps for advanced students as well, such as how to get 90% of people to show up on your automated webinar vs. the industry average of 30%. Those alone are worth the price.

6.  Get the exact slides you need in your automated webinar.Nothing wrong with trial-and-error learning. But it’s very time consuming and frustrating to “next level up.” You’ll be surprised at how fast, simple and easy it is to create to set up your big ticket sales system once you know all the ropes.

7.  Visually demonstrates what to do with screen captures and videos. A picture is often worth a thousand words. So I include plenty of screen captures to demonstrate the different steps, without overwhelming you with needless details or endless screen shots.  I’ve struck a balance to make this simple, practical and useable.

Point-And-Click Big Ticket Sales Is The Newest, Simplest and Easiest Way To Set Up Your Big Ticket Coaching Sales Machine!

What’s different about my new Big Ticket Dashboard is you don’t have to read a lot of stuff.  You’re busy.  You’re probably dealing with information overload.  You have a lot of stuff to do and not enough time to do it in.

My goal from day one when I launched The Amazing Formula That Sells Products Like Crazy was to make selling your products and services sell like crazy.  And it still is, only right now what I’m doing is showing you step by step how to create a killer direct response web site!

The problem is information overload.  There are so many ebooks with so much information on how to make web sites, or videos on what to do, I believe you could spend the rest of your LIFE watching the videos and trying to come up with a feasible web site from those instructions.

Forget all that.  Can you point?  Can you click? Can you follow simple step 1, 2, 3 instructions?

Your goal is to set up a big ticket coaching sales machine.  Not become a professional funnel designer.  Right?  OK then. Let’s get your show on the road.

4 Key Differences Separate The Big Ticket 

Dashboard From Other Solutions!

Key Difference #1You point, click and follow the steps labelled by the big blue numbers — all in just 20 minutes a day.

Nothing could be easier.

Everything is covered from creating your hook, to getting automated webinar sign ups from Facebook ads, to the cost per application, to the qualifications survey, stick procedure, and strategy session.

You’ll get actual numbers, specifics, the what-to-do and how-to-do-it. No stone has been left unturned.

You get step-by-step screen caps, which are a lot faster than watching tons of tedious, boring videos. Yet, where it would make things faster, I’ve used videos. It’s about speed and ease.

Key Difference #2: You’ll know how to get attendees to your automated webinars using Facebook ads

Many systems give you no way to consistently feed new people into your automated webinar sales machine every day.

And if they do, it’s a shot in the dark as to what all your numbers should be, what the cost per application should be, so it makes it impossible to make realistic plans.

In contrast, the Big Ticket Dashboard lays out all the critical numbers for running your Big Ticket Coaching sales machine. It’s all covered in detail.

Key Difference #3: You’ll get done-for-you slides for your automated webinar and appointments system

Instead of guessing and trying a million things, you just copy and paste the text into your own slide templates.

The exact sales design and thought flow is all explained. This has all been “cookie cuttered” for you.

Key Difference #4: You get the virtual sales rep strategy session method

Others charge $10,000 up to $70,000 to show you how to create a big ticket coaching sales machine..

But why pay that? With the Big Ticket Dashboard, you just point, click and follow the big blue numbers. Before you know it, your Big Ticket Sales Machine is up and running. 

Here’s Just a Small Fraction Of What 

You’ll Discover in the Big Ticket Dashboard!

How to use commission

I’m going to reveal two programs that’ll give you the same end result as programs you’d normally pay hundreds of dollars for, like Macromedia Dreamweaver or Photoshop CS.

Heck just Dreamweaver alone will cost you a couple hundred dollars and Photoshop comes in at a pricey $650 USD! Of course, if you already own either, you can EASILY adapt everything in the Dashboard with just a little modification.

How to set up your Facebook ads so the cost keeps 

going down by using cascading optimized bidding.

Even people doing big numbers on Facebook ads don’t know this cascading optiomization secret. I learned it from a friend who is a Facebook ads “Jedi Master.” This is really significant because if you’re doing this and others aren’t, you’re ultimately paying 50% to 75% less for your applications than your competitors are. That’s a huge advantage in your advertising.


How to use virtual commission sales reps to do the strategy sessions

Another friend of mine is the “Jedi Master” of running 100% commission sales teams both with very cheap local offices for $300 a month or less (he has a secret on how to do this) as well as virtual locations.

With his permission, I’l reveal how to use commission reps to do your strategy sessions for you, because who really wants to be on the phone for 10-15 hours a week? Of course, you can start out doing your own, then as the money flows, bring in 1 or 2 commission reps.

How to get automated appointments, which saves you a bundle

Some systems use appointment setters who call and set appointments for the strategy sessions. Which is fine. Except that you have labor costs, hiring problems, turnover problems, management problems and all the rest.

We’ve replaced this with an automated system that works like a charm.

How to get a 90% show-up rate for your webinars vs. industry average of 30% —

WITHOUT a complex email sequence

Others who aren’t “in-the-know” including many very successful coaching spent 3x more on Facebook ads than they need to because their webinars only have a 30% show-up rate.

In the Big Ticket Dashboard, you’ll learn how to easily bump that to the 80% to 90% range — and do it without paying monthly fees of any sort as some systems require.

How to save $1200 a month on office space you don’t need

In my city, San Antonio, Texas, office space rents are cheap. But the bottom end is around $1,500 a month for anything. That’s a BIG stopping point if you want to have a few sales reps to do your strategy session calls for you, so you can be out sipping umbrella drinks by the poolside instead of slaving away with a headset chained to your computer.

Well, good news. My secret virtual sales team Jedi Master shared a way to eliminate the $1200 in wasted rent you don’t need to pay. Oh, you can tear up the 3-year contract also. You don’t need it.

How to automate anything and everything possible, 

including your ads

The whole entire Big Ticket Dashboard automates every single piece of the pro cess as much as possible, even showing you how to automate the Facebook ads lead generation part once you’re up and running.

We’ve created a streamlined, easy to follow section that shows you how to setup, configure and personalize the Big Ticket Coaching sales machine to remove the unwanted extra features you’re not going to need.

The psychology of the strategy session

If you hear “I want to think about it,” you stuffed it up. But hardly anyone understands why. There are simple, logical steps you follow. But most people don’t understand why they’re doing different things. Knowledge is power. You won’t be in the dark any longer in case you want to do your own strategy sessions to start with as many do.

No Stone Is Left Unturned!

In addition to what you’ve just read, you’ll also discover:

 How do you create a consistent flow of big ticket buyers?
 What service do you use to take credit cards?
 Do you need a digital signature? Is there a cheap one? Where?
 Why you don’t need a blog or other stuff
 How do you automate appointments?
 How much should an application cost in ads? What is too much?
 The importance of a post app “stick” video
 What do you put on the Power Point slides that gets appointments?
 Does the appointment or app come first? 
 What about a video vs. a live webby vs. a pre-recorded one?
 What percentage of appointments should you close?

The Big Ticket Dashboard Is Worth Every 

Penny Of The Price — And Much, Much More!

I’m hoping that BY NOW you realize the “Big Ticket Dashboard” is worth every penny of the $59.95 one time low price, and more. 

Right now you can grab the Big Ticket Dashboard for $59.95 .  

I can’t possibly even tell you how much time, energy and research I’ve put into creating the Dashboard. At my $1,000 per hour consulting rate, (yes, I DO get paid that), I’ve probably put $100,000 of my time into researching and creating the Dashboard. Just one idea, trick or secret could easily pay for it.

In Summary, Here’s What You Get

One:The Big Ticket Dashboard with the point-and-click marketing system that turns selling your big ticket coaching into a virtual no-brainer. The dashboard is a training program & marketing system, NOT software. It comes with the 1-click marketing plan software (see bonus one).

Two: Done for you slides for your webinar

Three:Complete A to Z system covering lead generation ads, automated webinars, automated appointment system, automated pre-qualifying and hiring 100% commission reps to do the strategy sessions.

FourMy 60 day 100% money back guarantee.

I Guarantee You WILL Get Wins And Results

Or You’ll Get 100% Of Your Money Back!

A “WIN” is when you’re able to do something after using the Marketing Dashboard that you couldn’t do before.

Or when you’ve accomplished a key section or step that you’ve finally got out of the way.

I absolutely, unequivocally guarantee you WILL get wins and results far in excess of the price, or I’ll refund every penny of your money within the first 60 days. This is an unconditional, satisfaction guarantee.

Having said that, as with ALL my products, I do not represent you will experience profits as I have nor that the typical or ordinary buyer of this or any of my products makes substantial income.  I have no control over what people do or don’t do with my products.  So while your income is NOT guaranteed in any way, your money back IS guaranteed if you are not satisfied.

I really am in this business to help you succeed and sell your products like never before.  So if you don’t win, I don’t win. If you don’t’ get results, I lose.  If you aren’t happy, I’ll refund your money. Plain and simple.

If for any reason you’re not 100% thrilled and delighted with the Big Ticket Dashboard, we’ll give you every PENNY of your money back. That’s how confident I am that you’ll love the Big Ticket Dashboard.

I rocked the Internet world when I offered a triple-your-money-back guarantee on The Amazing Formula.  Now, it’s even crazier. 

I’m offering a QUADRUPLE your money back guarantee.  Take the Dashboard.  Follow the icons.  If it doesn’t work for you, then I’ll give you quadruple-your-money back anytime in the 3 monthsfollowing your order.  That’s how confident I am you will love the Dashboard. Read the details here.

In Addition, You Get My Insanely OutrageousQUADRUPLE-YOUR MONEY BACK Guarantee!

Your Order Is Safe, Secure, & Risk Free 

With A 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee Only $59.96

The first 50 people who order are guaranteed to receive my 1 Click Marketing Plan Software with online access:.

Bonus One: 1 Click Marketing Plan sas Software

Just type in the amount you want to make. Click the button. It outputs your exact marketing plan. Then make it happen using the Big Ticket Dashboard!

Bonus Two: Done for you webinar template

The done for you powerpoint slides for a webinar that pre-sells appointments with you. All the basic slides you need are already there. Just customize and fill in the details. There’s nothing worse than staring at blank slides. Instead of struggling for hours with what to say and how to say it, you’ll bang out your webinar slides in no time flat and be ready to rock and roll. I can only guarantee you receive this bonus when you order prior to the date below:

Bonus Three: Live Training – How to outsource your sales to 100% commission, virtual sales reps on the cheap by someone who does it

My friend Flo has done over 10,000 phone sales (around 16,000 to be semi-exact. He’s masterful at teaching what to do and how to do it. He created a special sales makeover training that is jam-packed with a number of things even I didn’t know. He shows how simple changes have as much as quadrupled his own sales and client sales in as little as 4 months. Astounding stuff. You’ll eat up every minute of this training. Plus, if you quality, you’ll receive a big ticket sales makeover call with a member of his dream team.

To order the Big Ticket Dashboard just click the link below. You can pay using any major credit card, e-check, or from your PayPal account balance.

There Are 3 Ways To Order The Big Ticket Dashboard:

1) You can order by credit card using the “Add to Cart” button

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