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Your Personal Inventory Manager 
24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

At the backend the plugin will check the inventory 24/7 and send you an email the moment it finds products on your site that are out of stock at Amazon.

In your admin screen you will find an overview of all the Amazon products in your site and their stock levels


As Soon As Your Product Is Unavailable You Will Receive An Email Alert Just Like This!

Watch The Magic Happen Right In Front Of Your Eyes Using Azon Stock Checker 2.0 With Just A Few Mouse Clicks!

Must Have Amazon WordPress Plugin For EVERY Amazon Affiliate

Make sure your website does not turn in a virtual Ghost Town. Nothing can be worse then promoting a product and the visitor on your site finds that the product you promoted is not even available.

Azon Stock Checker will make sure you always promote products that are in Stock at Amazon.

Optional Alert Message

You can set the plugin to show your visitors an alert message with alternative products when they are on a page that shows a product that is out of stock. This way your visitors will always be directed to a product that will earn you commission

The message can be totally styled in the way you like and you have 100% control over the alternative products that are shown when the product is out of stock

All Amazon Countries Supported

AzonStockChecker is not limited to one Amazon country. It works with all Amazon Countries so this is really a tool for all Amazon affiliates all over the world.

Works with Every Amazon Plugin a Few Examples

AzonStockChecker will find the Amazon products on your site that you promote no matter how you created those links. Manually or with one of the populair plugins, Azon Stock Checker will “read” your content and analyse it and if it finds an Amazon product it will check that.

Below is a list of a few Amazon Plugins that Azon Stock Checker works with. But do note that this is not a limited list. Any Amazon plugin is supported

WP Amaniche


Associate Goliath



WP Robot


Masive Passive Profits

Pretty Link

WP Amazillionaire


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GET AzonStockChecker DOWNLOAD

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Azon Stock Checker 2.0 is really an easy set and forget plugin that will do all the work for you. 
No matter if you have 10, 50, 100 or 1000s of products listed on our sites, it will save you hours of work…
….and help you avoid losing any more of your hardearned commissions.

Azon Stock Checker – A Must Have Plugin For Every Amazon Affiliate

FAQ Questions and Answers

Q: Is there an option for a Developer License?
A: Yes if you like to have a developer lciense you can get that after your purchase the unlimited version. The developer license is $27 at this moment

Q: I used plugin XYZ (fill in your plugin name) to create content with Amazon. Does this plugin work with that
A: Yes, AzonStockChecker can work with any plugin currently on the market. If you have an Amazon plugin and it does not work then we will add support for that asap after you send us a few details which are mentioned in the memberarea.

Q: Will I get Updates
A: Yes you will get free updates for life

Q: Is this permitted by Amazon?
A: Yes the plugin uses the API of Amazon and works fully according to the TOS (Terms of Service) of Amazon

GET AzonStockChecker DOWNLOAD

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