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Introducing The Most Powerful Store Builder …….

The Only WordPress Plug In That Allows You To
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And Can Have You Profiting From Your Visitors 
Up To 3 Months After They Visit Your Store.

Its Finally Here: A WP PlugIn that not only allows you to build a fully profitable Amazon store inside your website or blog, but is also highly customizable allowing you to tailor your store for your visitors and boost your rankings through smart SEO keywords.

Brand New: Powerful cookie system ensures your Amazon affiliate link is locked and loaded for up to 90 days after visitors browse your store, meaning for the first time ever you can still profit off traffic 3 months later.

Get On The Fast Track To Online Success By Deploying Maximum Online Horsepower With Azon Store Builder’s Powerful And Unique Features Previously Unavailable With Many Amazon Store Builders.
  • Extended 90 day cookies – Booyah!!!
  • Schedule future posts
  • Supports Multiple Amazon Countries
  • Post directly to FaceBook fanpage from within WP
  • Built in Auto Update So Prices are always displayed correctly
  • Easily Indendify the most popular products and clicks with the build in analytics
  • Compatible with any WP Theme
This Incredible WP Plug In Is The Tool That You Need To Use To Get You On Your Way To Online Success If You Are Serious About Building An Online Income
We Wanted To Make This As Point & Click Easy For Anyone To Get Started Uncomplicated, Automated, Monetised Stores In Minutes Building An Online Income
There Is Absolutely No Doubt The Fastest And Most Effective Way To Build An Income Online Is By Selling Products, Leveraging Social Media & Affiliate Sales. Azon Store Builder Combines All Of This Into One Powerful Plug in!
  • Engage Visitors and Traffic With Real Products, Real Items That They Need
  • Earn Affiliate Earnings By Selling Them One Of The Millions Of Products On Amazon
  • No Need To Keep An Inventory, Just Display, Sell And Keep The Profits!
  • An $88 Billion Dollar Industry Waiting For You To Take Your Slice

Every day millions of dollars of Amazon products are sold and shipped,

Up until today exploiting that was no easy task

Here’s why Azon Store Builder changes everything!

When you have seen people build Amazon Stores have you thought I should give that a go, only to discover you are on the way to beating an all familiar platform competing against established players, affiliates with the same tools.

You can now overcome this HUGE problem – Azon Store Builder has been built from the ground up to give you a huge toolkit of unique points of difference.

On top of that, after two years of development you will have everything you need to ensure your online store sells more and doesn’t leak profits like other store builders.

Problem 1
When customers click a product, they end up off your website and at the Amazon checkout.

Solution 1
Azon Store Builder allows your visitors to browse products and add to a cart within the store itself, meaning they can continue to shop and buy more without disappearing from your store, and out of your control.

Problem 2
Many Amazon Stores are leaking hundreds if notthousands of dollars in profits every week. What happens to all those customers who leave your store, a few days later see a retargeting ad and end up buying?

Solution 2
With Azon Store Builder you will continue to earn off these visitors up to three months after they visit with our authoritative 90 day cookie system meaning when your visitors eventually buy, you are rewarded for your efforts by keeping the profits for yourself.


Get Ready To Tap Into Your Share Of The $88 Billion Market Place

Having been in development, tuned and tested constantly for over two years you can be sure no other Amazon store builder can come close to what Azon Store Builder is capable of.

Revolutionary Store Customization Lets SEO Work For You

The ability to edit and customize product titles and descriptions is finally in your hands allowing you to unleash your own marketing magic to you visitors increasing conversions, sales and your income.

That’s not all though, you having the power to customize the content of your store like never before lets you rank higher on search engines with your unique keywords and descriptions meaning more traffic, more commissions and more income.

Smash Down Local Barriers And Sell To Anyone, Anywhere!

Azon Store Builder has been designed from the ground up to appeal to a wide range of international traffic. Your products and pricing will display in a local friendly format suiting your visitors location. Plus Azon Store Builder ensures your store is fully compliant with Amazon Terms Of Service meaning you can sell with no worries!

Authorative 90 Day Cookie System Keeps You Earning More For Longer

Keep those commissions flowing in with Azon Store Builders unique 90 Day Cookie System, meaning if your visitor floats off and goes crawling back to Amazon, you can keep the commissions up to 3 months later!

Earn More With Azon Captive Checkout

Unlike other Amazon store builders, with Azon Store Builder your customers can continue shopping through your website as long as they like. No more saying goodbye to your visitors the moment they want to purchase something. It is simply kept in the Azon Smart Cart until they are ready to check out. Meaning your visitors will keep buying off you as they are always within your store until the final checkout!

Highly Developed Beautiful Design Maximizes Conversions

Azon Store Builder is the most eye pleasing Amazon WordPress Plug-In you will ever see! This plug-in has been built from the ground up to be engaging and converting. Let your users experience the exquisite design that is seamlessly smooth allowing for an incredibly engaging and fulfilling shopping experience. And so much more!

But wait, we aren’t going to leave you with it there. We know the sort of results this powerful software can bring you. This is one of the greatest earning opportunities on the web today and we are passionate about seeing you succeed and get the results, sales and income you deserve. So with that said you also get access to

Azon Store Builder

Live Training System On 12th October 2015

This system is going to take you by the hand and lead you on the fast track to online sales success. Find out secret insider pro tips for selling online, and how to use Azon Store Builder to your advantage. Don’t worry if you cant make it to the live training, there will be a reocrding placed into the members area too as well as a transcript

In an exclusive live workshop we into detail about Azon Store Builder so you know exactly how to get started. This is followed up with another workshop geared around sales techniques and secrets ensuring you are armed with everything you could ever need to make Azon Store Builder a success for you.

Learn directly from the team behind Azon Store Builder to make sure you get started on the right foot, meaning you can smoothly go about building a success online business from the ground up, just like we have.

This is the BEST way to ensure MASSIVE PROFITS in 2015, 2016 and beyond with this powerful system that will change the way you earn online, forever.

Do you have a questions about Azon Store Builder? Do you have ideas for it that you would like our opinion on how to make them work for you?

Would you like to take an indepth look at the system and Ninja skills to make Azon Store Builder be at its most effective for you? Imagine being able to ask any question you like as we showcase this beautiful system in action. This special workshop is for you and as a Azon Store Builder VIP this valuable workship is included when you get access today.

As soon as you purchase Azon Store Builder you get instant access to the plug in,video tutorials and PDFs which means you can start right away building out your first store.

This is an exclusive charter launch, meaning that in just a few days Azon Store Builder will be released to the public for no less than $497, but when you get it today you will also join us in the VIP Members Workshop and in the Live Training System.

This is the ONLY time and place you’ll be able to get this included with your purchase of Azon Store Builder! If you wait until the price is sitting in excess of $497 it will already be too late. Charter launch VIPs will be making sales and fully equipped after the exclusive live training system, and VIP workshop.

…don’t forget the HUGE SAVINGS you get by taking advantage of this exclusive launch offer,If you do happen to return to this page after October 7th then you will see the price has increased, this is a strictly a launch special Click the button below to get yours hands on the most effective tool on the market today to get you earning an online income quicker than you could’ve ever imagined!

Today this powerful online business opportunity is available for a small one time investment. There is no need to keep paying month in month out. No secrets, no hidden costs. Invest today and keep earning for life!

You’ve seen it online, there are people out there killing it with Amazon affiliate commissions and building six or even seven figure online businesses! Isnt it time you joined them and grabbed your slice of the $88 Billion pie?

Don’t wait! You do not want to risk missing out on this special opportunity to build a powerful online business with a serious income. Its even 100% risk free with our 30 day guarantee allowing you to get started today without reservations. We are that confident Azon Store Builder will be everything you imagined it to be. Achieve what you have dreamt of achieving online and download right now.

If you are on this page right now, it means you are one of a select group of people who are entitled to a MASSIVE DISCOUNT thanks to one of our very close JV partners. This offer is incredibly LIMITED and wont be around for long.

You are probably thinking this is incredible value, and cant believe your luck for joining us here. Well don’t let this opportunity go to waste!

Even if you just sell a couple of products on your store, your very low one time investment will already be paid off. But we aren’t here to achieve just that, you have seen everything above and understand that this is a system that can build you a serious online income.

The rate in which this will make a huge return is mind boggling. Think about this. If you were to go about setting up a store offline, you would need to invest tens of thousands of dollars only to possibly make much less sales!

Now for as little as $27 you can set up your own store that has the potential to turn over and profit more than many of your own favorite stores you will find downtown.

Now isn’t that worth investing in?

You know it is!! You are serious about building an effective online business that brings with it an income to match your expectations. Get Azon Store Builder working for you today so you can get profiting sooner rather than later.

This huge opening discount will be gone in days, meaning if you wait around you could be paying in excess of $497, not to mention the fact everyone else who starts today will be taking your slice of the Amazon cake!

Don’t become a success spectator; watching others profit big from an opportunity you could’ve seized yourself.

…plus all the sales your store could be pulling in, will be going straight to somebody else!

You may as well take out your wallet and fill someone else’s pocket with your cash!

So lets make a change and step up your earnings and business today by not letting this opportunity pass you by, don’t let someone else take all the profits you could be earning yourself. Get access today to this incredible software for a huge $470 OFF the full price and remember you are protected by our rock solid 100% guarantee.

Exceed your own expectations today with Azon Store Builder.

Don’t be an online success spectator.

Take your slice of the $88 Billion Amazon pie today.

[GET] Azon Store Builder DOWNLOAD

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1) Does Azon Store Builder plug in work with the WP Theme I already have?
Answer – Yes Azon Store Builder is compatiable with all WP themes, just install Woo commerce (free) and Azon Store Builder plugin and bam …. you have an instant store!
2) Do I need to be an Amazon affilaite already to use Azon Store Builder?
Answer – You don’t have to be an affialite already, but if you are not already an affialite you will need to go through the process and application to sign up with them
3) What do I need from Amazon to use Azon Store Builder?
Answer – You just need your secret keys, you enter them once into Azon Store Builder and you can start generating products for your store
4) Can Azon Store Builder Schedule posts on my fanpages?
Answer – Yes it certainly does! You can post to any fanpage you manage directly from within the Azon Store Builder dashboard. You can chose to post instantly or schedule as many future posts as you like (great for your VA to do for you!)
5) Can I create a store for a different country, not just amazon.com?
Answer -Yes, you absolutley can! You can create stores in X different countries currently from within the plug in
6) Do I need to pay for any stock or hold anything?
Answer – Nope, you don’t need to pay for anything at all, Amazon will do all the heavy lifting for you. You just simply disaply the product in your store and Amazon will fullfill any orders and pay you a commission
7) I have never sold anything on Amazon before, is this hard?

Answer – Azon Store Builder makes it easy to set up a store so that you can get yor first sale. You can drive viral traffic using FaceBook, you can use SEO by optimising your store, or you can try some paid traffic, there are many options available to you. Amazon is a great place to start out online, there are many people making huge paychecks every month as an affialtie. And remember, we have live training so you can hit the floor running as fast as possible with it =)

[GET] Azon Store Builder DOWNLOAD

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