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This is NOT About…

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 10.43.56 AMFrom: Debbie Drum
Re: I Hate the Idea Of Getting Involved With Physical Products….

Dear Content Marketer,

Do you know how fortunate you are having the ability and know-how to create high quality content?

People need content with whatever they are selling. It’s the main way of making money online (I should know, I’ve been making a full-time living online since 2012 creating all forms of high quality content, both written and video).

If you know how to create simple content then you need to read on!

I discovered this lucrative method when I learned about a clever way to make money with physical products. Don’t worry, this method is not about having or selling physical products, but it will allow you to make a piece of the pie.

There is a reason why you see high level marketers getting into physical products.

Marketers who know how to drive traffic to offers want in RIGHT NOW on the time of gettin while the gettin is good! Physical products are easy to sell if you have the traffic, the right market and the right product. It’s also a mass market! If you can sell something that a ton of people need, you are set and probably for life!

But what if you can join in on all the action of physical products without all the hassles that come along with it?

Hassles like:

* Finding products
* Sourcing products
* Buying inventory
* Shipping
* Increased, monthly Amazon Costs
* Dealing with damaged items and returns

These are all headaches that I (and probably you) don’t want to have – I am a content creator so I want to stick with what I do best…creating great content.

So do you want to know how you can hop on the physical product bandwagon without actually dealing with everything that goes along with physical products?

This is why I came up with:

Azon Love Method

Azon Love Child is For marketers who love content and hate the thought of getting involved with physical products….but still want to make money riding the physical product wave.Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 7.51.03 PM

How did I get this idea? I got this idea because I ordered a product on Amazon Prime and an insert came along with the product for the best way to use the product and all these great instructions. I thought this was GENIUS and I had to take action on this RIGHT AWAY!

And my action paid off in a huge way…

Inside The Azon Love Child Method, You Will Discover….

  • What the method is and how to cash in on making money with physical products without the hassle of actually selling physical products and knowing how to create simple guides [chapter 1]
  • How you can outsource the entire process for under $50 and make 5, 10 or more times your initial investment
  • The best niches to guarantee found [EASY] money (and why it’s the right time to do it RIGHT NOW) [chapter2]
  • 25 Product ideas to go after right away
  • The exact method I used to make $499 plus residuals with a stupid piece of content that no one else wants to create!
  • Revealed Inside: A way to make your money before you even do any work at all! (it’s what I did!) – Hint – It’s called the “No Money Down” Technique [page 10]
  • The exact scripts and contacts you need to get the job done and the money in your account (you won’t need to figure out anything, I’ve done it all for you) [page 23]
  • How to make residual income with this model (this is the best chapter) [page 31]
  • How to easily pick the right people to hand you over money!
  • and tons more…

See the method that can be used OVER AND OVER again to create money on the spot just by knowing how to create a simple piece of content that no physical product owner wants to create themselves!

The Best Part About This Is The Market Is Wide Open and The Time To Act Is Now

Feedback From Amazing Marketers


That’s Not All – I’ve Got Some Awesome Bonuses For You If You Act Right Now

BONUS 1 – From Barb Ling!

Have you ever gotten a Barb Ling Report? They are awesome! She puts out some bad ass reports. It is a bonus with an optin, but it’s well worth it!

Barb breaks down all the different ways to profit from Amazon (there are many). This is the perfect complement to the Azon Love Child Method.

BONUS 2 – For Adult and Kid Coloring Book Fans

Wanna see how you can use your Adult and Kid Coloring Books to make even more money? Debbie will show you how in this Bonus!


It’s Time To Take Action Now

The Azon Love Child Method is a WIDE OPEN MARKET. It is a way to print money on demand and right now is the best time to get into it.

Now it’s time to make the small investment…you owe it to yourself to take advantage of more ways to make money with your content!

Is This Right For You?

This is a great opportunity – but is this for you?

You need to have 3 simple abilities for this to work for you:

1. Leg Work – You must have the courage and strength to spend the time seeing the method through. People are out there but the effort needs to be made! But I don’t want to scare you. Using the tactics I provide you, you’ll never risk losing more than $30. Can you handle risking $30 in order to potentially earn thousands?

2. Money – You will need a very small amount of money. It takes money to make money. The good news is, if you can scrounge up $30 to $50 in cash or credit, you can get a good start.
And if you can’t, check out my “No Money Down” tactic in Chapter 11.

3. Courage – I am going to ask you to do something crazy in the report that might make you uncomfortable. I am going to ask you to make a lot of money with this method. I am going to ask you to make good money for your hard work. Does that sound cool? It might make you step outside of your comfort zone….but that’s a big huge giant step to making more cash. Hope you are ready for this one!

This is going to be a lot of fun!

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