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“Want to Grab a Chunk of the $9 Billion Up for Grabs in Cyber Week Sales?”

New WordPress Plugin Lets Your Customers Find Discounts and Hidden Offers Up to 90% Off Regular Prices, Then Whips Them Into a Buying Frenzy With an Underground Scarcity Feature. . .

And It’s Super Easy to Set Up –You Can Have It Pulling in Sales in
1 Minute or Less!


Dear Marketer,

It’s predicted that $9 Billion in online shopping dollars is up for grabs during this year’s Cyber Week. . . the period leading up to Thanksgiving and including Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

That’s one hefty-chunk-o-change.

Consumer spending floodgates are about to crack wide open. What are people after in the prime shopping in the days leading up to Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Well, physical products and bargains, of course. Something you can wrap and put under the tree. Giving your wife an e-book ain’t gonna cut it if she’s craving diamond earrings!

Many people don’t have niche sites set up for physical products. And that’s an absolutemust to make money during the holiday season.

What’s really needed for people to make money isn’t an new niche site….it’s utilizing their existing sites and adding a twist of old-fashioned sales psychology!

Everyone Loves a Bargain–
Especially If They Can Name Their Own Discount . . .

discountLook, what makes people go insane to buy during Cyber Week is the lure of getting a bargain.

Imagine the thrill “Joe Comparison Shopper” will get when he realizes he’s not onlygetting a great dealbut he’s also completely calling the shots on how much he’s willing to pay?

And you can take advantage of people’s burning desire to score the best deal possible to grab more amazon affiliate commissions for yourself.

Here’s how. Introducing . . .

Easy To Use

Sell Any Discounted Product On Amazon

Designed For All Digital Marketers

Incredibly Cheap to Buy

What exactly do I get with Azon Commission King?

Azon Commission King has sophisticated features designed to get more sales conversions from your existing traffic.

Let’s look at them one at a time:

Built-in Scarcity Timer

Azon Commission King has a feature no other Amazon discount plugin has. Your visitor sees a countdown timer to the next major holiday–spurring them to take immediate action and make a purchase.

  • Increases visitor motivation and urgency to buy from you.
  • Creates built-in scarcity to drive more sales year-round

5 Interactive and Fully-Customizable Banner Types Combats Ad Blindness

Azon Commission King combats ad blindness with a mixture of interactivity and customization. And you’re not limited to displaying the banners in a single location on your site.

  • Banners can be displayed as a pop up message with an auto-open and close feature
  • Search bar banner displays at the bottom or top of your WordPress blog
  • Left or Right? You decide where you want to place your sliding sidebar banner–both options are available
  • Optionally display discount box at top or bottom of your content
  • Display any text message of your choosing on any banner type to ensure you’re speaking in your language and tone to your visitors
  • Complete banner uniqueness possible with optional custom CSS feature

Advanced Banner Search Features

  • In-site search keeps your visitors on your website. Can be used in conjunction with the shopping cart feature
  • Send visitors straight to Amazon if you choose
  • Filter search results by category and desired discount level
  • Ability to search for products just like on Amazon

Display Banners Via Custom Campaign Options

  • Enter start and end date for your campaigns
  • Set how many banner impressions to display
  • Show banners only to visitors from certain countries
  • Display banners only to desktop, mobile visitors or both

Add to Cart Feature Gives You a 90-Day Amazon Cookie

Azon Commission King’s “Add to Cart” feature gives you a 90-day Amazon cookie instead of the standard 24-hour affiliate cookie.

  • Get paid for all of a visitor’s Amazon purchases during the next 90 days
  • “Add to Cart” feature keeps visitors on your site until they’re ready to check out
  • Add to Cart keeps visitors on your site longer and reduces your site’s bounce rate at the same time

Built-in Analytics

Figure out the most effective placement for your banners. It’s as simple as checking your analytics, and optimizing your banners to earn more commissions.

You can track:

  • Total impressions, searches and redirects to Amazon
  • Charts displaying mobile vs. desktop traffic, total number of searches made on individual banners
  • Top search results for traffic from visitors from different countries searching for Amazon deals
  • Most searched for keywords/keyphrases

100% Mobile Responsive

  • If your prospects and visitors are on the go—no problem. They can use Azon Commission King from any mobile device or tablet.
  • Fast loading and easy to navigate with wherever your visitors are browsing on your website – either on the go or in their office.

Azon Commision King Supports all Amazon Associate Programs

Visitors can choose the Amazon location they want to shop from–they aren’t limited to shopping only from Amazon.com

  • Overcomes visitor objection about having items shipped to their address from a foreign Amazon location, incurring duties and fees
  • Visitors complete their purchases in their own currency, saving them from expensive foreign exchange rates

So with all these features included with AzonCommision King for just a pittance, we’ve gotta ask:

“Why in the H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks Would You Bother Building an Amazon Site Right Now?”

Look. Time is money… and time is running out!

Thanksgiving is only 11 days from today. (Even less if you’re reading this after November 16th.)

Why go through all that work just to get depressed staring at the zeros in your Amazon account? And that’s exactly what will happen if you spend hours and hours trying to get a new site set up this late in the game. It’s too late to drive enough organic traffic to a new site if you’re just starting now. Why not get more mileage out of your sites already getting traffic?

That’s why you need Azon Commission King.

Azon Commission King works hard throughout the year to increase your commissions–it’s not a one-trick Cyber Week pony.

So what are you waiting for? I’ve laid out the features and benefits for you. I’ve explained why you don’t even need to build an Amazon store, but most importantly….

You’ve got 11 days to get this set up on all your sites and watch your commissions soar–now and for the coming year. So quit dithering and get your share of holiday sales with Azon Commission King!

Click the button below and you’ll get instant access. . .

Very Special Launch Pricing for Azon Commission King. . .

While we’ve come up with something very special with Azon Commission King, we won’t be asking anywhere near what it’s worth today. We want to give our loyal customers a break–and an opportunity to fill their Amazon coffers before the end of the year.

We’re confident that you won’t find an unbeatable combination of an Amazon discount plugin with flexibility and customization in banner display, 90-day cookie lifetime, built-in analytics and a countdown timer anywhere else. In fact, we know that you can’t. Simply because this kind of plugin hasn’t been created until now.

And you can save even more with Azon Commission King during the next 7 days. During this time, we’re offering a multi-site license for Azon Commission King for the price of a single-site license.


Fast Action Bonuses

If you’re still not quite convinced, I’m going to tempt you with these fast-action bonuses when you purchase Azon Commission King. On top if this revolutionary plugin, we’re willing to bump up the package.

So Why Do I Need Azon Commission King On My Website?

Internet marketers know there’s always people looking to buy products online, so there’s always a way to make commissions off these products. Over the next few months, Amazon sales will explode because Amazon will be discounting thousands of products to meet the needs of hungry holiday buyers.

Here’s just a few of the many reasons Azon Commission King will work for you, just like it has for us…

Give Your Visitors The Power

Your visitors get full control over every aspect of their purchase with Azon Commission King. No need to shove products in their faces to sell as they decide what to search for at what price. Then you get paid!

Make MORE Commissions

With the sophisticated custom features available, you can design the look of Azon Commission King to look, feel and work exactly as you wish. Check out some of the features above!

No Restrictions

You can use Azon Commission King on multiple websites without having to worry about any licensing agreements. Once you buy this plugin, you are free to use it on all of your sites—forever.

Easy To Use

You’ll be able to set this plugin up in a few minutes, and your website visitors will instantly recognize the search functions too.

So there you go. The COMPLETE PACKAGE.

Now you can’t tell us anymore that you’re not able to make money on Amazon.

Carry on, and purchase Azon Commission King now. Otherwise you’ll be sitting alone, searching in futility to find this offer anywhere on the internet. And you won’t have any luck, because we’ll have taken it down for this year. They’ll be racking up fat commissions, and you’ll be staring into an empty Amazon account. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

But that doesn’t have to be you, does it?

Click the button below to get instant access to Azon Commission King….

Purchase Azon Commission King 100% Risk-Free

Pick up Azon Commission King today. Put it to work on all of your WordPress Sites. (Remember, you’re getting a free multi-site license included with your purchase during the launch period.)

money-backTest it out. Put it through its paces. Track your banner stats through the built-in analytics feature of the plugin. Test and tweak your results to perfection. We’re here to help you if you need it.

Your purchase is absolutely risk-free for the next 30 days.

Put Azon Commission King to work for you. If you don’t notice any increase in Amazon commissions in your account by the end of 30 days after purchase, we’ll gladly reimburse your investment.

Just remember you have nothing to lose, and a whole lot to gain. Because it’s a fact that people will buy off YOU over these holidays.

Can You Afford NOT to?


That’s the question I give you today. Because with this on your website…

Offer a hassle-free service to your prospects and visitors by giving them the freedom to search for Amazon’s special offers directly on your website—because it’s special deals and hot offers that customers want most

You can sell via multiple methods but still give all the control to your visitors – imagine walking into a physical store to the “Special Offers Only” aisle without having a sales person hassling you

You’ll be able to dictate how much scarcity you place on the visitor to increase your sales during specific holidays – you choose

You’ll be making solid sales on complete autopilot. That’s a given.

You’ll build huge authority as a seller on Amazon, as you’ll be the website that provides these offers… that’s an increase in traffic.

It’s mobile responsive, so no matter where your visitors are, they can always find the best Amazon offers from YOU.

Finally, Put Your Sites’ Earnings Firmly “In the Black”
For The Kick-Off of Prime Shopping Season . . .

32waystomakemoneyonlineWhen there’s a massive $9 billion in consumer dollars up for grabs during Cyber Week, the peak shopping period for the entire year, you might as well cut yourself a nice lil piece o’ the pie!

And what cooler way than by giving your visitors exactly what they want–the best prices and deepest discounts they can find anywhere!

And with Azon Commission King’s 90-day cookie, you’ll see more commissions–even if your visitor browses another Amazon affiliate’s site in the next 3 months.

Not only are you getting the multi-site license for the same price as a single-site license, you’re also getting the fast action bonuses worth hundreds of dollars. You’ll be up and running fast with all the insider knowledge you’ll get from the bonus bundle.

Even if you don’t currently have an Amazon niche site, Azon Commission King’s discount banners will attract plenty of attention and allow your visitors to find the perfect deal. And just in time for Cyber Week too!

If you won’t take action now, you can bet plenty of others will be making nice Amazon commissions with Azon Commission King over the next few month—and beyond. Don’t take the chance of letting this slip by—make the person earning the juicy Amazon commissions you.

Now it’s time for you to act, and take control.


P.S. The public library closed hours ago. If you’re still here looking for it, you missed the boat. What’s that? You say you’re not looking for the library? Well, that’s a bit hard to believe. After all, you’re still here, reading every word. . . when you should be taking action instead!

What’s holding you back? It can’t be the fact you can purchase Azon Commission King 100% risk-free, knowing you’re fully covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

And it can’t be the fact that you’re receiving a multi-site license for the price of a single site license that’s keeping you from taking action. Or receiving fast action bonuses designed to get you started immediately with Azon Commission King.

If you’re saying, “I prefer to cry in my beer about my lack of Amazon earnings instead of capitalizing on the most lucrative shopping window of 2014,” all I can do is gnash my teeth and wail in frustration.

After all, it’s extremely easy for you to turn holiday shopping traffic into customers with Azon Commission King. This is such an incredible opportunity to help your visitors find the deep discounts they crave and put some Amazon coin into your pocket at the same time.

So what are you waiting for?

Buy Azon Commission King now, and put a little more “jingle” into your pocket this holiday season! Put it to work on all of your sites for one-low price today.

Then a whole new world of commission is at your hands.

All you need to do is click on that button below, and you’ll get instant access to Azon Commission King.

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