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Ever wondered why cats are all over the internet? Think about it – everywhere you look there are pictures of cute kitties, funny cats, cats doing ridiculous things…

Cats beat dogs paws down when it comes to dominating the internet:



People simply adore cats…over 45 million households in the US alone own at least one cat.

Or rather, are owned by a cat as all cat owners out there will agree.

And I’m one of them because we have two pampered kitties at home that we rescued.

At least, we like to think it’s that way round. Our cats would tell you something different if only they could talk and it’s probably best that they can’t 🙂

Seriously, they bring us so much joy and they keep me such good company while I work from home that I would do anything for them.

I chat to them and they make guest appearances on my videos (as many of you will know!) because they insist on their rightful place at the center of our home.

Here they are:

August2014 004

You’ll find almost every cat and cat owner feels the same as I do about their pets which is why, of course, this is another superb, billion dollar market which is bursting with opportunity on Amazon.


I spend a huge amount of money on my two and I think I’m quite a conservative pet owner.

I know that there are millions of people out there who simply cannot resist all those adorable cat toys, beds, hammocks, scratching posts…the list is endless.

As well as those essentials such as food, food bowls, carry baskets, grooming items…it goes on and on.

The pet care niche is not only huge but evergreen for that reason – people adore their animals. Sometimes more than their children.

And they spend vast amounts of money not just on essentials but on all kinds of physical goods and accessories handily available on Amazon.

There’s a reason why cat owners spend so much on their pets and that’s because they top the list of companion animals.

As our world fragments and becomes a lonelier place, people literally look on their cats as their family.

The American Veterinary Medical Association conducted a survey and asked people how they viewed their companion pets. Here are the results:



Of course, that translates into a higher spend in the market:



In the US alone, over 75 Million households own a pet cat with most cat-owning households averaging 2.1 cats – higher than dog ownership.

That figure is multiplied many times over globally as you can see in the charts below:


Australian cat care expenditure:



British dog and cat treat sales:



You get the picture!

Within that massive global pet care market, there are many sub-niches to profit from but the problem is that there are simply so many it can be confusing to identify those real winners.

That’s where this Amazon Cat Care PLR package comes in because I have done all of that heavy lifting for you, carrying out hours and hours of research to pinpoint those lucrative sub-niches…

And then creating superb, highly professional content that converts so you don’t need to lift a finger to start profiting from it!

Many of those cat owners I mentioned earlier are highly paid professionals with more disposable income than most other prospects and customers:

Cat vs Dog Owners US:


Which, of course, makes them exactly the kind of customer who also likes to shop and spend most on Amazon:


That’s why I focused on finding exactly the right kind of Amazon products for you to promote with this mega PLR package.

Among the high-converting material are graphics and multimedia elements to appeal to this demographic as well as professionally written reports, all of it created entirely by me as I know from experience what works.

This means that you get tried and tested PLR material that has been carefully and precisely targeted to this niche…and that means more profit for you!

Your visitors and customers will lap up this content as it feeds one of the hungriest crowds around with what they want, driving them to buy the products you promote and/or create.

You see, this is not only invaluable for Amazon affiliates – FBA sellers, affiliate marketers and product creators can all take this and use it to make fast, easy $$$s.

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