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Do you despair when faced with the requirement to write mails to send to your list? 

If so I have some good news for you.

Get Your Hands On FREEProfessionally Written, Relationship Building, Profit Pulling Emails In The IM Niche!


If we have not met before, my name is Andy and I have been around IM circles for the best part of 7 years (Take a look at my blog if you would like to find a little bit more about me). 

I decided early on when I was struggling to make any kind of headway online, that if I ever did make a go of it, I would try to help others just starting out. 

This offer is an example of that promise to myself.

BUILD A LIST everyone shouts…and of course they are right…up to a point.

If you don’t communicate with that list, if you don’t send them mails that inform/interest/entertain, whilst also offering them products or services you know they will want or need, you may as well not have a list!

Harsh maybe….but true.

So if you are in that place where you know you need to send mails to your list, but don’t yet feel comfortable doing so, this offer is very much for you.

All you need to do is download the mails, update with your affiliate links and pop them into your autoresponder.

Making money online doesn’t get much easier.

Let’s face it you could have 100’s of thousands on your list, but if you don’t contact them, you might as well not have them.

At the same time do it in the wrong way and your list will unsubscribe quicker than Usain Bolt gets out the blocks at the start of the 100 metres.

Do it in the right way and it is like having a money tap that you can turn on at any time.

The trick is obviously to create mails that both relate to your list and therefore build rapport…

…whilst also offering them products and services you know will help them.

Of course not everyone has the ability or the time to produce this sort of mail.

If this is you, don’t worry, let me help you out.

I have written for you a total of 8 highly crafted emails that have been written specifically to build the relationship at the same time as subtly selling to your list.

That’s around two weeks’ worth of mails that you just need to update with your affiliate details and then schedule in your autoresponder.

I have even done the product research for you.

Each product promoted in the mails has been selected for its potential to both help your list and bring in income into your business.

(This includes a continuity product to bring in payments month after month)

Never fear if you have your own products that you would like to promote, I am also giving you permission to replace my suggested products with offers you have found.

I want these mails to work for you!

These mails are for you if:

– you feel you are not communicating to your list enough
– you are planning to build a list, but are not quite sure how or what to write to them
– you just fancy letting someone else do the work for you 

So if you are in the IM niche and are building a list, get your FREE mails now, and I wish you the best with your endeavours.

Of course you don’t just need to take my word for the quality of the mails you will receive from me, here are some comments on my emails:

Originally Posted by solidrock View Post
Very happy with the qualify of standard provided in the email copy. You have done a great job providing a much needed service for affiliate marketers.
Originally Posted by DianaLensbury View Post
Purchased the product.

The quality of the emails is outstanding! They’re a blend of being informative with a soft sell. It’s takes thought and time to construct that type of email and Andy is giving them to you on a plate. Sadly, most people won’t ‘get’ the sheer value of what is being offered here so I’ll say this only once…

“This is the best back-end funnel that you will ever find available for purchase.”

All the very best, and if you do have any questions, feel free to PM me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Andy Waring

The Beginners’ Friend

p.s. The first question that always seems to be asked on WSO’s is “Are there OTOs”.

Well I wouldn’t be a marketer if I didn’t include something now would I 

I have included a low cost OTO that I believe will help people get even more from the mails. The offer is totally NOT required if you just want to use the mails I’m offering, but it will open up another avenue that will help your business.

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