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I know, I know…yet another Amazon FBA course?

The truth is, you don’t need another course, another pumped up pipe dream about making millions in your underwear, or from a beach on a Tropical Island.

You need a simple, solid, tangible plan to get you started selling online. You need RESULTS. With results comes CONFIDENCE, and that builds MOMENTUM. Then you finally break free from the cycle of chasing one bright, shiny object after another. Be honest with yourself, have any of those other opportunities panned out?

It’s no wonder why they don’t – they sound great on paper, on the screen and in the videos. The sales pitch draws you in as you imagine yourself having the same success as the product creator. The truth is, you’re not the author. He or she has a vastly different history, family life and skill set as youPeriod.

I don’t mean to come across harsh, but I’ve asked myself these questions over and over again. You see, I have been at this game for so many years. I sold my first ebook online in the online stone ages of 1998, and was instantly hooked on the idea of making money while I slept. Who wouldn’t be? It’s an absolute thrill to make money selling electrons over a wire, but I could never sustain it.

Sales would come and sales would go. Granted, I’m no marketing genius – just an average IT guy trying to make a living supporting my family. Over the years, I’ve tried it all – eCommerce, eBay, Amazon, Retail Business, 9-5 Jobs – heck, I was even a car dealer and helped build that business from 0 to 8 million in sales. Thought I had it figured out finally, and one stroke of the pen from one financing company brought it all crashing down. Just. Like. That.

So if you’re thinking you’re about to hear another sales pitch from a multi-millionaire who sips margaritas while recording Podcasts on a beach in Maui – you’re in the wrong place. I’m the polar opposite of that guy. I have a wife, a son in college, and two daughters not too far behind him. I have a mortgage and all the same bills that you do. You see, it’s my FAILURES that taught me what I’m about to share with you today, not the successes. The lessons are so much morePOWERFUL, and the most important one is this:


Two words – many meanings. All loaded with lessons. 

First and foremost, the simplest business concepts give you a solid foundation to build upon. Your mind can easily grasp the concept, and therefore the rest of you will follow.

Second, simple concepts lead to easy wins. I think you and I all underestimate the power of a sale. I don’t care if it’s a dollar, or five, or ten. It’s a win, and your brain loves to win. Give it one, and it will lead you to more.

How can a two word sentence deliver so much sage advice? Easy –simple wins. 

Enough theory! Let’s get to it….

I’m sure you have heard about Amazon’s FBA program by now. For those of you not familiar with it, here are the Cliffs Notes:

  • FBA stands for Fulfillment By Amazon
  • Allows you to sell products on Amazon without having to pack, ship and store inventory
  • Amazon takes care of the shipping and customer service, leaving you free to work (or play) as you wish

It’s a great program. 

When I first heard about it, I was immediately hooked, especially after years of packing and shipping all kinds of products on eBay. The only hitch was the same dilemma that plagued me and thousands of other online sellers for years:

Where do you get profitable inventory to resell?

The answer may surprise you – The Grocery Store.

No, that’s not a typo. The same place you go so often to get your milk, eggs and bread can be your best source of inventory.

You’re probably just as skeptical as I was when I first heard these very same words from my online selling coach two years ago:

“You’ve got to be kidding me. Why would anyone pay even a dollar more than the going retail price for groceries??”

The one word answer is – convenience.

Think about it. Ever been stuck in a hotel room and popped open a bottle of water that cost $5, when you knew darn well you could get a case for that price? Convenience.

Amazon has made groceries convenient to millions of buyers who can’t (or won’t) get to the grocery store as easily as you can. The premiums you can fetch as a grocery seller on Amazon might shock you. Even seeing with my own eyes the prices that people were paying for things as basic as granola bars, my brain just would not absorb this data.

Then I sent in my first shipment, and made my first sale…

Slowly but surely, I became a believer.

Just take a look at a few of the sales I made from the last Halloween candy clearance (a great time to stock up, by the way):

Paid $1.65
Sold $16.97
Fees $5.12
Profit $10.20 (518% ROI)

Paid $1.79
Sold $11.95
Fees $4.27
Profit $5.89 (220% ROI)

Paid $4.95
Sold $28.95
Fees $8.48
Profit $15.52 (213% ROI)

Clearance items are one of my favorite items to sell, but there are so many great grocery opportunities to turn tiny investments into big gains:

  • New or limited edition products
  • BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) sales with stacked coupons
  • Embarrasing personal items that people would rather purchase online
  • Private label food products in specialized regional stores

and many, many more.

Remember what I said earlier – simple wins? Nothing is more simple than sourcing groceries locally and selling them on Amazon:

  • Very low up front investment needed
  • Groceries are consumable, which means repeat sales for the right products
  • Source at stores along your daily commute to make the most efficient use of your time
  • Get your own groceries while you stock up on inventory
  • Become a coupon ninja, saving yourself thousands a year in groceries while running your business!
  • Get your family involved, teaching them valuable skills while spending more time together
  • Cut your Amazon teeth on groceries and then parlay those skills into bigger ticket items, even your own private label products
  • Don’t forget all those fuel points, shopper rewards and frequent flyer miles you can accrue from your purchases!

I’m entering my third year of selling groceries on Amazon, and I’ve learned a ton. Like most retail arbitrage, you can’t just go pluck something off the shelf, send it in and make a profit. You need the right strategy and the right tools, and you’ve come to the right place.

Today’s WSO, Selling Groceries & More on Amazon.Com covers all the bases for selling in the Grocery & Gourmet Foods category. This used to be open to all sellers, but last year Amazon decided to make it a gated category. No worries – there are a few steps involved in getting approval, but it’s a lot easier than many of the other categories. You will learn this and much more in the book.

No stone is left unturned – you will learn:

  • Tips and tricks for finding the best inventory in the Grocery Stores
  • How to quickly find the clearance section in any store
  • What types of groceries will net you the highest profits
  • How to research the best deals before every setting foot in the store
  • How to buy coupons in bulk without all the clipping
  • Preparing, shipping and monitoring your inventory step-by-step
  • Financing 101 for all your inventory purchases
  • Leveraging store promotions to minimize costs and maximize reward points

Check out the reviews for the Kindle Version as it has been selling well, and here you will have access to a special one-time offer for detailed training videos and a specialized Amazon grocery search web app so that you can hit the ground running!

I know the numbers are not jumping off the page like many other promotions you will see over the next couple of weeks, but please do not discount the power of small sales leading to bigger success. Every successful Amazon seller started with a few small sales, and it snowballed from there.

Set yourself up for success!

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