[GET] Affiliate Payout Machine DOWNLOAD

[GET] Affiliate Payout Machine DOWNLOAD

For The First Time Ever…

Discover The Little Known, Ninja Secret Responsible For Generating $105,713.14 In Instant Commissions!

And If You Follow The 6 Steps I Use To Create Results Like This…

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From Edmund Loh and Rick Hean

If you hate seeing your affiliate dashboard lined with nothing but zeroes and you desperately want to turn that around, then you owe it to yourself to read every line on this page. This is the game changer you’re looking for!

In a while I am going to show you a secret, covert technique I use to pull in strings of commissions from every offer I promote as an affiliate – day IN, day OUT.

Yep, like the results you’ve just seen.

Each promotion takes a little more than 30 minutes of my time setting up in exchange for *massive* dividends and putting my name on countless affiliate contests.

The great news is that this technique is easily learnable and once you know how to, you will be raking in massive commissions every week – heck, every day – and you will find YOUR NAME on several leaderboards!

Be it on JVZoo, Warrior Plus, ClickBank… it doesn’t matter which affiliate network you’re on. When you know these ninja techniques YOU TOO can be the next highly sought after Super Affiliate!

I Didn’t Quite Start Out That Way, Though.

First of all, I have to let you know that it wasn’t always that way for me.

I started out just like you and for a very long time my income screen shot looked like this.

Quite a depressing sight eh? Especially the longer you stare at it.

I Tried Almost Every ‘Trick’ Taught By The Gurus!

In spite of the contradiction, I went ahead and try out many of the popular advice I heard and bought into. Advice like:

  • Article Marketing (doesn’t work anymore)
  • Playing the SEO Game (if all you do is create 1-page review blogs well the party’s over a long time ago)
  • Buying ‘Guaranteed Traffic’
  • Joining “Traffic Exchange” Programs (this DIED nearly a lifetime ago too)
  • Forum Posting with intention of spamming – FYI forum traffic is on a DECLINE with the rise of social media
  • Buying CD’s with a list of email addresses (Warning! This is considered spamming)

If you have tried any of these methods, then it’s not surprising if it hasn’t been profitable for you.

Moreover, the hottest advice in the market right now is on how to exploit loopholes in ‘big giants’ like Google and Facebook.

These methods would work only for a short while until Google and Facebook patch it up or change their algorithm. Would you build your castle on sand?

I Was Lost. Confused. Frustrated. And Angry!

I was this close to throwing in the towel but for some reason I stayed. Maybe because I hated the thought of going back to a job. Probably because I know I was THIS CLOSE to cracking the code.

The answers were staring back at me, I knew I just needed to figure out how to put two and two together.

It would only be a few months later before I made my first affiliate commission. It was a $37 product and since the program paid 50%, I made my first $18.50.

That changed EVERYTHING!

Fast forward and I started banking in commissions like this…

And who says this works only for JVZoo and ClickBank? What works here, works just as well for in-house affiliate programs…

At the risk of making tall promises I want to make it clear that these income screen shots by no means imply that you can or will get the same results. However if you are willing to set aside some of your time to make this happen, you will start seeing amazing results just as it is happening for my students, clients and business associates…

So if you want to start seeing amazing results like this in your JVZoo, WarriorPlus, ClickBank, or any affiliate program you choose to promote… you are in for a treat!

Together with my partner Rick Hean, we bring you…

Affiliate Payout Machine

Step-By-Step Blueprint To Raking In Super Affiliate Commissions!

Affiliate Payout Machine is the culmination of my efforts and all the results you see on this page, and then more. I have distilled my tried and tested formula into a step-by-step video training course on how you can start generating Super Affiliate Level income!

It is named so because this system has stood the test of time; I’ve been using it for several years to bank in instant commissions and even checks from multiple affiliate programs across multiple niches!

You’ve seen the proof. You’ve seen what others have to say. And very soon results like these can be yours… and product vendors are going to need you MORE than you need them!

What You Will Learn:

Module 1: Affiliate Payout Machine

  • My intimate strategy to banking in predictable income from every offer I promote or launch I support
  • The blueprint to smashing it on every promo with just 30 minutes work EACH
  • This module is written with the assumption that you’re an absolute affiliate newbie or you’ve been struggling for a breakthrough out of mediocre results… get ready for astronomical ones!

Module 2: How To Choose Highly Profitable Products To Promote

  • The secret formula to picking affiliate offers with highest profit potential
  • How to determine upcoming product launches that are worth backing even before they are sold
  • Metrics and figures to look for as a benchmark and determine the most profitable affiliate programs
  • A list of marketplaces that I operate in (and you can too)

Module 3: Killer Review Writing Techniques

  • How to get product vendors to basically hand you over their products to be reviewed. If you word it correctly with some credibility, most of the time you will get hands on their products for free!
  • How to write a simple but effective review piece that generates affiliate commissions!
  • How to create a simple website with the express purpose of pulling in massive commissions! This is not the 1-page website model you’re so used to seeing or knowing about. In fact you can make do with just one domain name instead of dozens or hundreds (I’ve been using just one such site for years)

Module 4: The B_____ Technique

  • The secret sauce to DOUBLING or even TRIPLING your affiliate commissions! This module alone is worth more than the price I am asking for this entire course.
  • How to implement this technique (In less than 3 days for absolute newbies) and without creating your own product!
  • The secret ingredient to dominating affiliate contests as demonstrated by my top 10 affiliates sweeping 70% of the total sales from every one of my launches!

Module 5: How To Create Your Affiliate Empire

  • Learn how to create simple sites with the sole purpose of getting n____ and e_____ of your visitors!
  • How to implement this technique (In less than 3 days) and without creating your own products!
  • How to write simple promotional emails quickly and effectively to generate comissions on autopilot!
  • How to follow-up with your subscribers on autopilot…. even if they don’t buy anything for the first time

Module 6: How To Get Traffic To Your Affiliate Sites

  • My ninja traffic techniques to getting targeted buyers (not freebie seekers)
  • How to build a loyal following of subscribers who follow your recommendations
  • And many more… all revealed in Affiliate Payout Machine!

Why I Created Affiliate Payout Machine

This must be the part where I tell you how much this program costs.

To put things into perspective: I have spent easily thousands of dollars in learning, and tens of thousands of dollars more in trial and error.

I have little qualms attending private workshops that charge anywhere from $2,000 to $7,000 even. If you follow my blog or have me as a friend on Facebook then you can gather that’s just the kind of person I am.

However I understand that not everyone has the huge appetite for risks, and I for one didn’t quite start out that way.

So I’ll cut the chase and reveal the investment price in Affiliate Payout Machine…

It’s not $197.

It’s not $97.

It’s not $37 even, but…

What an unbelievably ‘stupid’ price to give away my covert ninja affiliate techniques, right? I can almost hear my business associates laugh.

But I have a special reason for doing this.

You see, I launch products every month. Not just in Internet Marketing per se; I also operate in niche markets. And I think it would be absolutely fantastic if there are more affiliates like you promoting my new offers and past releases.

Which is why I deliberately price this training course as such. So it’s easily affordable.

Now you don’t have any excuse NOT to succeed!


Act Today And Snap Up These Fast Action Bonuses AtNo Extra Cost:

Bonus #1 – Case Study: $19,058 From A Single Affiliate Program

How I used the Affiliate Payout Machine system to bank in $19,058 in commissions… from just a single affiliate program!

Bonus #2 – PDF To My Past Bonus Pages!

I include some of my Bonus Pages used for some highly profitable campaigns as your reference. These are proven converters and has made me a fortune from each of them. You now have the opportunity to check them out and see what a winning campaign looks like!

Affiliate Payout Machine

  • Module 1: Affiliate Payout Machine
  • Module 2: How To Choose Highly Profitable Products To Promote
  • Module 3: Killer Review Writing Techniques
  • Module 4: The B_____ Technique
  • Module 5: How To Create Your Affiliate Empire
  • Module 6: How To Get Traffic To Your Affiliate Sites

You Also Get These Bonuses:

  • Bonus 1: Case Study: $19,058 From A Single Affiliate Program
  • Bonus 2: PDF To My Past Bonus Pages!
  • Bonus 3: Internet Marketing Technical membership access

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