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Dear Warriors,

I’m gonna cut to the chase and ask you a question.

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Introducing Affiliate Boss

My name is Adam Payne

I know what it’s like to struggle….

The endless nights on your computer wondering if you’ll ever crack the code.

The stress on your family…

Friends secretly laughing behind your back

Wasting money on the next Shiny Object that not only doesn’t work, but never even worked for the creator.

Look, let’s cut through the BS.

This is a case study.

All based on real results that I got with a tiny email list. 

Let me show you right here the results of what I’m about to share…

Not bad for No spend whatsoever….

Just a little strategy that I had planned that worked like gangbusters.

And will work time and time again.

And one that will only increase over time.

$150 plus days sound good to you?

And as you can see, the conversions I was getting astounded people.

I’m not talking about a Guru with a gigantic list.

This was from a small section of 402 subscribers.

And it helped me get on the early leaderboards…

This puts the spotlight on you….

And before I knew it, I was being approached by some big names

Begging me to promote for them….

So the choice is yours.

Of course, you could go on purchasing other WSOs. 

You know, the ones that have no proof.

Where the self proclaimed success story still lives with their mum.

I am giving you a simple blueprint to print money for any affiliate offer you promote.

No more empty Paypal account

Affiliate Boss is 33 pages of no fluff content…

+ My secret product launch strategy to catapult you onto any leaderboard you choose.

+ A step-by-step guide to getting any product you want…for FREE

+ My email strategy that works like gangbusters to turn a dead list into raving buyers

I also cover my lessons learned

+ The mistake many affiliates are making that is costing them big time ( I did this too)

+ How I ‘pissed off’ some of my list by doing things the wrong way meaning they’ll not buy from me again…please Don’t do this!

Interviewed by James Knight and Kristie Chiles


If building your own Hugely Profitable online hassle free business sounds cool and sexy to you, then you need to grab your copy right now because the price you see right now could have already gone up!

And to sweeten the pot…

I am going to institute my iron clad 30 day day money back guarantee to take all of the risk off of you

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