[GET] 7 Dollar Tsunami DOWNLOAD

[GET] 7 Dollar Tsunami DOWNLOAD

ATTENTION: Read carefully because this is, without a doubt, unlike ANYTHING that you’ve seen before!

Recurring Paypal payments just became a cake walk with our. . .

“Simple, Step-By-Step Method That Will FLOODYour Paypal Account WithRecurring $7 Payments.”

You’re gonna laugh at how easy this is. . . skeptical?

From: The Desks of Mark and Victoria Barrett

To: Exhausted Internet Marketers

Let us take a wild guess at the situation that you may be in right now. .

Hit the nail on the head?

Unfortunately, this is the situation that most Internet Marketers are stuck in because they still haven’t figured out how to save their money and spend it wisely on products and information that will actually benefit them.

Either this, or you feel that even after everything that you’ve tried, you STILLcan’t seem to get that breakthrough that you’ve been after for so long.

Honestly, we aren’t surprised one bit because of the fact that there areTONS of junk products and false promises that are being thrown around in the IM space.

It is a great thing that you are on this page because it doesn’t matter where you are located in the world or your experience level, you are in a great position to change your current situation.


From years of experience, one thing that we’ve noticed about the way things are being done online is that they are backwards.

In other words, so many marketers are pushing high ticket items from the get go and that is NOT the way that things should be done.

Although it is very possible to make sales with high ticket items, the chances are very miniscule.  

Especially if the customer has not purchased a lower priced product from you in the past.

So, what is the right way?

This is a great question and of course we have the answer to it.

The key is to start small with the prices of your products to get your foot in the door, and then work your way up!

You may have heard the saying:

“People only buy from those who theyknowlike and trust.”

Because money is in relationships, we agree with this statement, 100%.

You may be kicking yourself right about now because you’ve now realized why you’ve had such a hard time selling your high ticket items in the past.

As we stated earlier, you are in a great position to change your situation, and if you will just put everything on hold for a sec and listen to us, you will know exactly how to do so.


Hey, Mark and Victoria Barrett here, and if you are still attempting to sell a bunch of high priced items to make money online. . .


Because believe it or not, there is a much smarter way of doing things.

When it comes to making money online and Internet Marketing, it’s all about doing just one thing. . .

Building Wealth

Instead of wasting your time to get a lot of people to purchase high priced items from you, wouldn’t it make much more sense to get a lot of people to give you a little?

And every month after instead of a one-time payment?

Those should be rhetorical questions and if you are in tune with these ideas, then we have just the right solution for you.

Before we reveal it to you, please watch what others are saying and just howeasy this is and how it is changing their lives.


7 Dollar Tsunami is a short, 30 minute video that holds you by the hand and walks you through EVERY step on how to:

  • Find popular topics to create your newsletter about to ensure that it is in high demand.
  • Outsource your work by getting others to write your newsletters and articles FOR you.
  • Create a basic sales page to advertise your newsletter.
  • Create a list to keep track of those who subscribe to your newsletter.
  • Automate the delivery of your newsletters by setting up simple auto response messages.
  • Market and sell your newsletter to MILLIONS of people who are interested in the topic of your newsletter.

In addition to these steps, we also have gone out of our way and included:

Five EXCLUSIVE bonuses that will ramp your online success even further!

The amount of VALUE that you will receive today, definitely surpasses everything that your “Average Joe” product creators will bring you, because we like to go above and beyond.

You may be thinking that you’ll have to break the bank to get access, but that is FAR from the truth.

If you can forego your morning cappuccino and egg mcmuffin at McDonald’s, then you in good standing and can get 100% access for a tiny investment of just:

There is never a product that we do not stand behind 100%, so we will even include our money-back guarantee to ensure that your investment is covered.

If you feel that we have come up short of what we’ve promised, simply ask us for a refund within 30 days, and every penny of your investment will be returned.

We also ask that you please do provide actual PROOF that you’ve gone through and applied everything that we teach with your request.


Because we are known for our, top-shelfmoney-making methodsthroughout the marketplace, and there are many people who like to just take a “peek” of what’s inside.

However, we believe that you are someone who stands out from the massesand are serious about getting your Paypal account swarmed with $7 recurring payments.

You certainly wouldn’t have read this far if that statement were false, and we are glad that you have because it shows that you are ready to put your trust in us and show you how REAL money is being made.

So, go ahead and hit the Buy Now button with confidence, and let’s get those recurring, $7 payments rolling into your Paypal account, as soon as possible.

To Your 7 Dollar Tsunami,

Mark & Victoria Barrett

P.S. In addition to our above claims, we also promise you that this offer isVERY time-sensitive and will not be up for long.

Please do take advantage of this while you can because there is a limit to the number of people that we’d like to have on board.

P.P.S. This could be your LAST shot at financial freedom. . .

If your plane has arrived to get you there, are you going to continue to stand there with your hands in your pockets, or are you going to hop onboard and enjoy the ride and everything after?

Ultimately, that is your decision, but keep in mind that you are on the clock…

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