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now you can start building your own email list of targeted buyers and see your Inbox flooded with Paypal ‘notification emails’ within the next 24 hours!

“What would you say if I told you I could show you how to set up your very own list building sales funnel that operates on auto-pilot, sending you regular payments to your Paypal account, even while you’re sleeping!”

“Introducing the List Building Success Blueprint”

The blueprint for building a highly targeted, buyers email list that sends you regular payments on auto-pilot

“What Is The List Building Success Blueprint?”

As its name suggests, this is a blueprint to build your email list quickly and easily. Most important, though, is that you will be building not just any old list but a responsive list. And this blueprint will show you how to build a crucial relationship with your list.

This is a full-blown system where I show you everything:

  • exactly how to build your list of buyers from scratch

  • how to choose and create your ‘irresistible offer’

  • how to design a high converting squeeze page

  • how to get laser targeted traffic to your ‘irresistible offer’

  • how to build a strong, unbreakable relationship with your list


I’ll be honest with you.

When I first started in Internet Marketing I wasn’t even sure that I needed to build a list. I fell for the ‘quick buck affiliate marketing’ BS big time. You know – the ‘you don’t need a website, domain or autoresponder and can get started for free’ nonsense…

…what a mistake that was!

You see, I found out that I was wasting time and money driving traffic to affiliate offers and not following up. Because:

  • I didn’t know whether people were even interested in the offers I was sending them

  • I had no idea what these people were desperately looking for
  • 99% of my traffic then disappeared into thin air

That last one was the kicker. You see, I found out very quickly that 99% of people who visited any offer never took any action and just disappeared, as if into thin air! So I was literally wasting 99% of the money, effort and time I was putting into driving traffic to these offers.

Finally I saw the light and, before it is too late, I want you to understand this one crucial aspect of marketing…


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just wanted to say that I read this last week and you have a done a great job of both simplifying the process so anyone can do it, but also deepening the understanding so folks know WHY they have to do what they do.

As we both know, without list building it’s almost impossible to build a real online business, and this book teaches how – 

Kudos to you, Peter


Don’t fall, as I did, for the ‘free marketing’ BS. Frankly it just doesn’t work. Because once you’ve let your target customers get away from you, you’ll never, ever be able to sell them anything.

Once you have them on your list, however, you can not only sell to them once but over and over and over again.

This is why the very first thing you should do as a budding Internet Marketer is to…


“I Have It Down To A Science”

I’ll be straight with you. When I first started list building I struggled. I found it difficult to:

  • Create a highly compelling offer

  • Set up a high converting squeeze page
  • Know where to go to get targeted traffic

  • Understand the best ways to get both free and low-cost traffic
  • Recognize the best way to make money while building your list

And, even after I did start to build a list, I suffered more failures than successes. But I never gave up. I knew that if I really put my mind to it I would be successful once I had the right system in place.

And it wasn’t long before I began to put all the pieces of this Internet Marketing puzzle together. Piece by piece I figured out the type of list I really needed to build and why this particular type of list was so important.

Not only that but I quickly learned how to build lists at lightning speed by creating a super-valuableand compelling offer that people actually wanted.

And I discovered the very best places to get targeted traffic to send to my squeeze page. 

Then I worked out what the subscribers on my list really wanted to find out about most, so that they would respond to my emails and actually purchase my products and recommendations.

After years of trial and error, I have finally made the breakthrough and got list building down to aperfectly crafted science

I discovered that the key to success is to find out what my audience needs and then createcompelling opt-in offers that allow me to build my list at lightning speed.

That strategy forms the basis of my list building success blueprint.

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I’ve spent 3k on courses that provide less than what this book provides so I am a little blown away by what this book provides.

The book essentially covers all the real world testing Peter has done through his many years with paid traffic, his failures and his successes and hands you your own personal blueprint on how to succeed in list building.Not just the techniques and tactics but the strategies and mindset (which is more important IMHO) that is required for you to succeed.

I would have happily paid hundreds if not thousands more for value this book provide.

Probably the best book I’ve seen on List Building in a long time..

Now you can use this blueprint for successful list building to discover, step by step, how to build your own responsive list and profit massively from it.

See, list building is actually quite simple once you have the right system in place. Imagine how much easier your life would be once you have a list of people that you can email and who will respond by actually buying the things that you recommend!

It’s now super-simple easy for me and, with this blueprint in front of you, it will be for you, too, to profit from your buyers list. Look at how it’s possible to make up to $500 off just one email!

Just how easy is it to get to results like that? Let me show you right now…

“Here’s What’s Inside The List Building Success Blueprint”

Inside the List Building Success Blueprint I show you exactly how to:

  • Generate instant cash on demand – this isn’t hype, it’s fact! You can literally send out an email and, within a few minutes, have cash pouring into your Paypal account – think about that!
  • Build a squeeze page that actually works. Not all squeeze pages are created equal – many turn out to be costly mistakes. I’ll show you the very best type of squeeze page to build and why it works so well.

  • Set up your own sales funnel for maximum profits. Most people think list building is costly. I’ll show you how to recover your costs instantly just as soon as someone subscribes
  • Create the best type of free offer (bait) that is targeted exactly to what your potential subscribers are looking for and find irresistible. This is the key factor in getting high opt-in rates.

  • Write emails that get opened. This is the biggest problem facing email marketers today with up to 80% of email messages being ignored. I’ll show you a foolproof method of how to get your messages read and your links clicked.
  • Build a list of loyal subscribers. I’ll show you how to get new subscribers not only to like you but also to trust you. (They’ll not only open each email you send but will also want to hear from you)!

  • Create a list that converts. It’s no good having an email list where no-one clicks through to your offers. Because your subscribers trust you, they’ll buy on your recommendation!
  • Find the best places to get highly targeted traffic that is focussed on your offer. When you know this you can get started on building your list immediately, today in fact!

“I’ve made List Building a Step By Step process”

This blueprint really is a step by step formula that shows you how to do this and then that. Each step follows the other so you’re in no doubt what to do to get started building your buyers list – even if you’ve never built a list before!

I’m dedicated to making it as simple as possible for you, which is why I’m removing all these doubts:

  • Finding list building too difficult? This blueprint shows you the practical and simple way to get started.
  • Don’t know what to say to your list? I’ve included samples from my own emails that show you exactly what to put into your messages to get the right response.

  • Confused as to how to get targeted traffic? Traffic isn’t a problem if you know the right places to look – and that’s exactly what this blueprint shows you.

By now it should be clear to you that I’m giving you everything you need in full step-by-step fashion to help you get going with your very own buyers list.

Originally Posted by MisterY

I read through Peter’s book and then had to read it again… and again, because it was stuffed to the brim with hints, tips and downright actionable content!

This really is a one stop guide to achieving success by building a buyers list, and profiting handsomely from it. Just leaf through the 126 pages and give yourself a complete list building education.

I don’t think it’s betraying any secrets to say that nearly all new list builders get it wrong. They try to sell, sell, sell to their lists and, before long, everyone unsubscribes. Guys, this is NOT the way to do it. 

Yes, you may see some of the so-called ‘gurus’ doing this, but what you’ve got to realize is that they burn through lists like crazy, constantly topping them up from solo ads and traffic generators.

What Peter shows in his book is how to build a relationship with your subscribers and have them eating out of your hand. You don’t need a big list if you’ve got a buyers list. I applaud Peter for laying it on the line and opening new marketer’s eyes to a few home truths.

In my view this book should become every new marketer’s handbook, let alone blueprint. Well done, Peter.

Frankly this sort of information is invaluable which is…

“Why This Is Such A Good Deal”

Frankly I’ve seen other marketers charge a fortune for the information that I’ve revealed inside the List Building Success Blueprint. In fact I’ve shown this blueprint to some of my affiliates and they suggested that I charge mega bucks for it.

But I’m not going to offer this here for some massive price tag; this is the Warrior Forum Special Offers section after all.

On the other hand I know that this information literally has the power to change your life for the better.

So, while I don’t want to give this away too cheaply, I DO want to give you the breakthrough YOU NEED to really start seeing some steady income coming your way from your own online business.

So I’m going to start the price at something I know you can easily afford, and reward early-bird buyers with a deal they can’t miss. After that the price goes up with every sale, so if you want this absolute bargain of a deal you’d better get in right now.

Remember, action takers get the rewards. You’ve read this far, so I know you’re an action taker, not a daydreamer, so get started right now before it’s too late and hit that buy button below, and I’ll see you on the inside…

I love to reward those who take action. Which is why I’m including these fast action bonuses if you hit that buy button right now.

But a warning – if you come back tomorrow these bonuses may be gone!

197 Catchy Squeeze Page Headlines

You only have 5 seconds to capture someone’s attention when they visit your squeeze page. These headlines have been proven to catch potential subscribers and practically force them to subscribe!

256 High-open-rate Email Subject Lines

Getting your email messages opened is a science as much as an art. These email subject lines are practically guaranteed to get your emails opened. PLUS I’m including my opening line hints to get your emails read every time!


Get your hands on this blueprint immediately. Open it up and if after 10 minutes you don’t already feel you’ve received more than your money’s worth, I demand that you contact me and I will promptly return every penny of your purchase…
No Questions Asked

Even better I am determined that you will be successful when you use this blueprint. Go through this blueprint and put the Action Plan that I give you into effect over the next 60 days. If you don’t make the income you expect I will be only too happy to refund every penny of your purchase on demand.

So What Will It Be?

Are you going to continue to struggle to make money online without knowing how to build a stable, profitable and effective list building system?

And are you going to continue to put all of your faith in useless get-rich-quick schemes and be just another customer that makes other marketers rich?

Or…are you going to make this tiny investment and discover exactly how to do it right from the start and build a stable business that makes you money day in, day out and month in, month out?

P.S. Remember you have a full 60 days money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied so don’t miss this outstanding deal – you simply can’t go wrong.

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