[GET] 48 Hour Client Offer Jimmy Reilly DOWNLOAD

[GET] 48 Hour Client Offer Jimmy Reilly DOWNLOAD


From The Desk Of: Jimmy Reilly
Oct 23, 2014

Dear Friend:

Local business owners have a growing problem on the internet that is murdering their business…

…and this very problem is also a major money-making opportunity for anyone who is willing to learn a few simple steps, and get in early.


Because this urgent problem is easy to fix…

…and biz owners will pay absurd amounts of money to anyone who can do it. (It will save their business after all!)

I’m talking big, 4-figure pay days in your bank account like these:


Here’s the problem: Review sites like Yelp, and Yahoo Local have become dumping grounds for disgruntled customers who want to vent their frustration.

The result?

These negative reviews about the business begin to pile up for any new customer to see – with few, if any positive comments appearing to help balance things out.

Fact #1: A customer with a complaint is 10x more likely to post a review online than a satisfied customer. And with these review sites often ranking higher in Google’s search than the business’ own website…

…their ‘online reputation’ gets demolished, and they lose the majority of new business to the competition.

Fact #2: 60% of customers will search for reviews before doing business with any company.


Businesses with this problem are desperate to fix the situation…

…And right now you have the opportunity to escape the 9-5 hustle and make a massive fortune by offering these business owners the help they desperately need.

Here’s What This Is All About: I have developed a fool-proof system that not only eliminates bad reviews entirely… but fills review sites with positive, business building reviews and comments from happy customers.

This is a step-by-step system that uses free tools, and social media to repair any business’s online reputation in 3 steps:

  • First we push any and all bad reviews off of Google’s search and out of site
  • Next we completely stop bad reviews from being posted by ‘privatizing them’
  • Finally we use a ‘coupon’ strategy to fill review sites with positive, business generating reviews

This “done-for-you” solution is the answer that desperate business owners need, and…


I have taught this method in private to only a handful of coaching students who paid me $2,997.00 for my time. This system is so complete and easy to implement that after only one hour of coaching my students where able to find businesses who need help, and collect 4 figure checks for repairing their client’s reputation using the 3 steps I taught them…

…with NO prior online or offline sales experience…

…and seeing results in ad little as 48 hours.

Finding businesses who want this service is fast and free: I use a lesser known social media site that is filled with business owners to do all the selling for me…

…this site will email thousands of local biz owners in any city you choose to advertise and endorse your services at no cost!




Every one of these emails is from a business owner who knows they have a problem…

…knew that I had the solution…

…and were ready to hand me lump sums of cash to help them!

I was able to collect payment via paypal, and service all of these clients without ever having to leave my home.

And No cold-calling or hard selling of any kind! 




It takes 10 minutes to set up this campaign for each group….


…48 hours after you copy-and-past the message, you inbox will be filled with businesses who need reputation management and your phone will be ringing off the hook!


Pro-Tip: Use my word-for-word ‘consultation close’ that DOWNSELLS the client into paying you $197 up front, plus $97 a month for what is only a few hours work:



This is a soft pitch that makes the business owner feel obligated to give you referrals for giving him this service at such a low price…

…I gain an average of 3 new clients for every business owner I close with this pitch! (Not to mention the monthly fees that keep on coming)

This is a proven strategy that I use in my own business. My coaching clients have created 6 figure businesses after taking just one hour to learn this method with me…

…and the handful of ‘early birds’ who got their hands on this report have proven this system works.

Below are some testimonials about this method from the largest internet marketing forum, the Warrior Forum… :-)


Here’s The Deal: I have taken my entire coaching program that has helped countless coaching students and compiled it into a hard-hitting 32 page report.

This is an easy read PDF that gets right to the point – a step-by-step set of instructions with no fluff to get your first client in 48 hours and repair their online reputation with a fool-proof set of strategies.


I charged my original coaching students $2,997 for this, but you will not pay anywhere near $2,997.

Nope. You wont even pay $997 or $497…

I am offering this done-for-you system for booking reputation repair clients without selling then servicing them quickly using 3 proven, and simple steps with:

  • NO OTO’s
  • NO memberships to sign up for
  • NO gimmicks

Just the complete reputation repair system for:

[GET] 48 Hour Client Offer Jimmy Reilly DOWNLOAD


Just everything laid out in an easy to follow manner.

And I want to take away all the risk:


Click the buy button below and get instant access right now:

[GET] 48 Hour Client Offer Jimmy Reilly DOWNLOAD

If you still haven’t clicked the “Buy Now” button to get started yet …

Think about this: the faster you get started attracting clients and repairing their reputation… the EASIER it’s going to be to establish yourself as the “go-to” expert in your area – the kind of high-ground advantage that pays off year after year while any competitors struggle to keep up in your wake…

And if you take action now… you can make 2013 the year you finally forget all about the usual “struggles” of Internet marketing – and all the pressure of “What market should I get into? What if it doesn’t work? What do I sell?”… begins to feel like a distant memory.

You’re now one of the few online marketers (so far) “in the know” about where reputation management is going this year… and now that you’re on the inside of this massive trend… and know exactly how to profit from it… what are you going to do about it?

The truth is… you’ve only got three real options…

  • OPTION #1: Keep fighting it out with Google and every new “Web 2.0 site of the week” that comes along online – and hope you’ll be one of the hundreds of affiliates promoting the same programs who manages to strike it big…
  • OPTION #2: Try to tackle the reputation management craze on your own –and hope the thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours you put in payoff down the line (once you’ve figured the whole system out from scratch)… or…
  • OPTION #3: Get started right now, from day one, with a UNIQUE “done for you” system (complete with quick-start training you won’t find anywhere else) that gets you to expert level (and the kind of cash flow most Internet marketers only dream about) faster than you ever thought possible.

I know you’ll make the right choice – and I’ll see you on the inside.



[GET] 48 Hour Client Offer Jimmy Reilly DOWNLOAD

P.S. If you’re wondering just how many small businesses are eager for an online reputation solution in YOUR town… Just do a search on yelp.com for your city or zip code and see the massive number of reviews, good and bad that every business has. The ones at the bottom are desperate for help. (Remember, once you sign up one biz, word of mouth gets around fast!)


Q: Does this work outside the U.S.?

A: Yes! The 48 hour client system will work for you outside the U.S. so you can cash in no matter where you live. All the details are provided in the course.

Q: Can I do this all from my computer? (Or do I need to go door-to-door to sign up businesses?)

A: Yes! You can do it all from your computer. Remember, business owners are busy, too, so they’re happy to avoid a face-to-face meeting and get signed up over the phone via paypal.

[GET] 48 Hour Client Offer Jimmy Reilly DOWNLOAD

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