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From The Desk of Steve Thomas
RE: Building An Information Marketing Business

I’m assuming you’ve landed on this page for one or two different reasons.

You either want to learn how to make money online or you want to know how to build an online business that will give you consistent financial results.

Over the last year I’ve been doing both of these successfully and having pretty good results that are growing each and every month.

My online journey started in 2010 when I bought my very first make money online pdf guide. I read the report from cover to cover at least a dozen times and I thought that this whole making money on the internet thing was going to be easy. I’d just do a little bit of this and a little bit of that and then the money would just come pouring in.

After all, the guide showed me a huge number of ways that I could do this so even if some of them didn’t work for me, there were plenty of others that surely would, so gaining the financial rewards was merely just a matter of time.

How wrong could I have been.

I tried near enough every single one of these methods for almost 3 years, chopping and changing from one to the next and back again, time and time again. Each time I would maybe progress a little more, or learn a little bit more than I did the previous time I tried to do it.

I ended up buying product after product each and every one of them promising an easier solution, a faster way of doing something, heck I even tried the ones that said that they would ‘do it for you’. Yeah right, have you ever heard of a business that you can buy for less than $50 bucks that would net you a life changing income without having to do anything for it?

I was naive, and desperate too I suppose. I wasn’t struggling financially when I first started to learn how to earn an income online, but fast forward a few years from that point, add tens of digital training product purchases, some as little as $30, with others all the way up to $500, I more than felt the pinch, in fact, I’d got myself into quite a substantial amount of debt.

I contemplated giving up chasing this dream so many times.

It would just have been easier to just go back to working a day job for the next 40 years and retire with a little bit of money in my pocket and all my hair still in place. But each and every time I’d been right at the edge, at the point of giving up, I had these little breakthroughs, a little glimmer of hope that spurred me on again, almost reassuring me that if I kept plugging away at this internet marketing thing, I would eventually get to where I wanted to be.

Despite my financial circumstances at the time, I decided to go at this one more time and made one of the most difficult decisions of my life. After speaking with my girlfriend, now my fiancé, we got another credit card and I would invest whatever available funds I had.

I invested in a proven business coach that was lighting up the industry with their forward thinking and new innovative ways of marketing online.

This business mentor, a coach would help me overcome the obstacles I faced and who would give me clear and straight guidance about how tosuccessfully build my online business. This investment came with a sizeable price tag, and one that I actually couldn’t afford at the time. I literally went from having no money and some debt, to being flat out broke with even more debt.

A lot of research had already been done before this point about who I wanted to work with and I did everything I could to get into the position where I would be considered as a candidate to work with them. I spent every single penny of that money on the credit card and made a promise to my girlfriend that this would be it. This was way back in the spring of 2011.

I made some great progress over the next few months, building a small list of subscribers, I developed a free weekly newsletter, I developed a training product around WordPress and sold a few dozen copies to offline businesses looking to get online but when I tried to do this online, I made zero sales.

Soon after, I received some pretty major and life changing news.

I was going to become a father.
My girlfriend was expecting a baby later in the year.

I decided at that point to take a step back from my online business as I wasn’t making sales of my product online and instead I would focus on growing my offline website design business which had up to that point been doing fairly well and fairly consistent with income.

From mid 2011 to the end of 2012, my time commitment to the business reduced dramatically and my family commitment increased dramatically as you’d expect. This lead to me setting the business as dormant but just before that, My interest picked back up in restarting my online marketing business. I decided to go back to the coaches training program although this time it would have to be without their direct support because of the time that had lapsed since my purchase so I was reliant on the pre recorded training.

I started to get back to where I was before and tried to repair the relationship I had with the subscribers I had built up when I decided to stop about 18 months prior. After upgrading my training by making it more relevant to how WordPress had evolved in my time away, I re-released my training to my subscribers and made a handful of sales.

This was my first taste of some real success online selling digitalinformation products.

For me, this was a real turning point, a moment of realisation and clarity that this whole making money online thing actually worked for me, or maybe I worked for it, really hard for it, but the bottom line was that it made me a few hundred bucks extremely quickly when I made it available for purchase.

I actually just got how it worked on a small scale and to get the bigger numbers it was just a case of getting more people in through the front door of my business. I kept going out there and getting people into my business and the sales kept coming. I wouldn’t say in their hordes, but it was fairly consistent.

My mentor then showed me how to further excel in my marketplace when delivering my products and that was by adding additional products into my business services. These add on sales or what’s known as upsells and cross sells added a great deal of additional income to my product sales.

It was then that I had the next great piece of advice from my mentor.

You now have the ability to showcase your results, and if you believe that you can help others achieve a similar kind of result, then go out there and make it happen.

That’s exactly what I have by done creating the 30 Day Challenge

Here’s what you get when you invest today –

Every day for the next 30 days you will receive multiple videos from me that will contain easy to follow and implement training materials. Sit back and watch the video, then all you need to do then is apply what I teach you.

Along with each video you will get daily worksheets and assignments for you to complete. These will make sure that you stay on course to complete the training. Each of these steps you complete will check off things you’ll need to have done to be successful.

You will also receive access to dedicated email support so that if you faced a problem with any of the training videos then you can get in touch and I will help you as soon as I can. Almost all support requests are answered within 48 hours.

The feedback we have received about the 30 Day Challenge has been nothing short of amazing.
See for yourself below what people had to say.

There’s even some additional bonuses added if you decide to join the 30 Day Challenge today.

These additional bonuses are sure to help you
maximise your efforts online!





I only want the right kind of people to invest in this product so that you don’t waste your own time with something that isn’t a fit for you right now.

You must understand that I want you to be able to focus on building a real business and not just some flash in the pan.

Here are 3 key points I want you to know before you go any further.

I know some of you right now will have some burning questions, so I want to try and answer some of them that might be on the tip of your tongue.

  • q-iconWhat If I Cannot Keep Up With The Course?

    That’s not a problem. If you take longer than the 30 days this content is laid out over, that’s fine. Just make sure you complete each of the steps, no matter how long it takes you.

  • q-iconWhat If The Course Is Going Too Slow?

    If you feel like you need access to a few more days then simply get in touch and we can do that for you provided that you have completed all the steps up to the point of where you are now.

  • q-iconWhat Are The Cost Involved?

    You’ll have the standard set up costs for your domain name, your hosting and an auto responder service as well as a few other tools that I will recommend. Your domain will be around  $10, your hosting if you select what we recommend is $29 a month, and the other tools combined should come to no more than $200. Remember, this is a business and your investing in tools to enhance your ability to do certain tasks that we cover in the training. For some there will be free alternatives that we mention but do not cover in this training.

  • q-iconWill I Definitely Make Money Following This Training?

    I cannot guarantee your success, no one can unless they provide a done for you solution and even then things might not be straightforward. This is training that you can take action on and will get you to the point of where you can make money online by getting everything you need in place to make money online. We do have some training videos that will show you some ways to ‘earn while you learn’ so that you can use that money to invest in the tools we recommend or if you have the tools then this money can be your profit.

This is all backed with a no questions asked
money back guarantee.

100% Risk Free!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

This product comes with my usual 30-day money back guarantee.
If there’s anything you don’t like about the product or if it does not meet your expectations,
simply get in touch with our support staff and we will refund your purchase.
As always, I would much rather have one customer less than an unhappy customer.​

What have you got to lose?

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