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GET 14 MORE DFY IM Emails by Lee Murray DOWNLOAD




Each of these was the result of one single email being sent to my list of only 2500 once each. No double mailings whatsoever. One email per product, one time. And the emails were of the same caliber as the ones you’re getting today. 

The bulk of these commission totals were earned within the first 24 hours of sending the email. I would have specified the exact dates for the screen shots, but that takes digging and I was too lazy! Anyway, more proof to come. 

First, Let’s Say Hello…


Dear Friend,

I’m really not here to pitch to you. I just wanna get some more kickass DFY emails in your hands. So I’ll just cut to the chase and tell you what I’ve got for ya this fine day…

1. Email Marketing (Content)

A great introduction into the highly lucrative world of email marketing. Covers the 2 main reasons why most list builders can’t seem to get their subscribers to pull out those damn wallets and convert into sales! 

Gently promotes perhaps the greatest email marketing program of all-time, and gives you the links to go grab your affiliate links and plug them into your email. This is an incredibly provocative email, designed to get you clicks and make you sales. 

2. Email Marketing (Promo)

This highly-motivational email reminds people to be themselves, no matter how crazy they may happen to be. It hits hard, and promotes the same product from the previous email… with a bit more urgency and a stronger call-to-action.

3. Kindle Publishing (Content)

Here, we paint a compelling future of what the life of a self-published author is like. This email will affect your reader on an emotional level, and get them dreaming big about what’s really possible as a Kindle publisher. It promotes a great Kindle course, for which you should make nice sales.

4. Kindle Publishing (Promo)

This is a short, hard-hitting email with great calls to action. It promotes the product nicely, using social proof to get the job done for you! 

5. Ghostwriting (Content)

This is going to appeal to a LOT of people. Why? Because it describes ghostwriting as a legitimate, and almost obvious starting point online. This will capture the attention of just about anyone who’s struggling online, by making them feel like they’ve been missing the boat all along.

6. Ghostwriting (Promo)

Just like its previous counterpart, this ghostwriting email encourages people to get their hands on a great, high-converting ghostwriting course by famous ghostwriter, plr provider, and blogger, Tiffany Lambert (Dow). 

7. Info Product Creation (Content)

This email very strongly suggests that product creation is the holy grail of the IM world. It’s designed to get your readers excited… to see themselves in a new, more empowered way. Then it goes into a few of the details regarding product creation and buyers lists. Promotes a pretty good course, too! 

8. Info Product Creation (Promo)

This email is quite emotionally charging, really focusing on the fun, power, and pride of ownership a person stands to gain when they step up to the plate. Like all promo emails I write, this one has some pretty strong calls to action.

9. PLR Content Creation (Content)

Half service provider, half content creator… all business owner. The perfect hybrid of an online biz is represented very well in this email, which is bound to give your readers some exciting new things to ponder. I bet your affiliate link gets clicked a lot in this one!

10. PLR Content Creation (Promo)

Hell, I bet your affiliate link gets clicked a lot in this one, too!

11. Coaching (Content)

The sums of cash that top online coaches are commanding is off the charts. We’re talking hundreds of thousands of dollars per MONTH for some of them. This email will really open your readers’ eyes in a big way!

12. Coaching (Promo)

Great, low-cost introductory WSO from Sean Mize being promoted in these coaching emails. Solid calls-to-action… good emails overall. They should perform very well for you.

13. Outsourcing (Content)

This will appeal to your readers’ greater sensibilities. It encourages them to do what they love, but to outsource what they don’t. It offers examples of all kinds of tasks that can be outsourced, and how doing so can make them much happier and more productive. 

Promotes a great product on the subject.

14. Outsourcing (Promo)

Solid calls to action. A basic email, but this topic doesn’t require anything more, so you can expect good conversions to come your way.

And That’s It, Compadre!

No stupid, worthless bonuses that will take your attention off of the emails. No silly pricing games. This is a great offer. So take it or leave it! 

GET 14 MORE DFY IM Emails by Lee Murray DOWNLOAD

Want More Proof That My Emails Pay the Bills?




(Yes, this was from one simple email! I earned most of this within 24 hours of sending!)



Listen, I’m a relatively lazy fella. I mean, I work my ass off creating products and content for my customers. But as far as my own email marketing goes… snooze-a-rama.

I may spend a total of 1 hour a week marketing to my lists… and that’s being quite liberal. The truth is, the income figures you see above take me an average of 5-10 minutes a pop to earn. Seriously. 


Because I’m extremely good at what I do. I always know that I’m going to get at least a 20% conversion on any product I promote. This allows me to make a nice income without killing myself to do it.





Traffic is secondary. Remember… 10,000 visitors multiplied by a 0% conversion rate is still 0 sales. But 10,000 visitors multiplied by a 25% conversion rate can change your life.

Let me get you those conversions.

Grab my email package (good thing I inserted the word “email” in there) right now!

I assure you, you won’t look back.

Common Questions:

Q: Is There a Money Back Guarantee?

A: Nope. I don’t give refunds on content. You know what you’re buying. The quality is out of this world. I can’t in good conscience have people pay to use this content while others will abuse the system, buy it, use it, and then refund.

That said, I’m a reasonable fella. If there’s a special circumstance and you absolutely must receive a refund, I may make an exception. Feel free to contact me if this is the case.

Q: Is There an OTO? What Is It?

A: Yes, there are a few actually…

OTO #1 – My first 14 DFY IM emails. These are on completely different topics, and include both a welcome email (extremely powerful) and an email that encourages your readers to keep investing in their IM education.

OTO #2 – An additional 21 DFY IM emails for $9.95 (50% off regular price). I have offered these in the past, and some of you may already have them. Be sure to read the sales letter so you know what you’re getting.

OTO #3 – Email Slick for $13.50 (50% off regular price). This is “the world’s first DFY/DIY hybrid” for email marketers. It’s the best email marketing training in existence, plain and simple. But it’s also a mix n’ match content resource that will enable you to write your own profit-pulling emails with more elegance and speed than ever before.

OTO #4 – My brand new monthly DFY promo email service for $19.95 per month. You get your first week for a dollar, so that you can see if it’s right for you. If you continue beyond the trial, you’ll get 5 new promo emails in the IM niche each and every week! Cancel anytime.

OTO #5 – The DFY promo email service, but just a half order. So you’ll get 3 emails one week, 2 the next, 3 the next and so on. Very straightforward, you get half the content, you pay half the price. Only $9.95 per month once your $1 week trial has ended. 

Q: Are there any resell rights to these emails?

A: Heck no! Would you really want there to be? These are personal use only. No PLR, RR, MRR, or giveaway rights are granted. Invest in these emails, use them, enjoy them, and profit like a boss!

Any Other Questions? Feel Free to Post Them In the Comments Below…

Otherwise, thanks for taking a look at my offer. I hope you decide to take me up on it and start using these top-shelf emails to greatly increase your opens, clicks, and conversions. I’ll be honored to have you as my newest customer.

I look forward to hearing about your success with these great DFY emails!

Wishing you the very best,

Lee Murray

P.S. Grab ’em while they’re still cheap!

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