[GET] 100% Optin Method DOWNLOAD

GET 100% Optin Method DOWNLOAD

“Discover How To Build A Hungry
Buyers List, Without Ever Collecting
A Single Email Optin…”

“Watch this video to discover how I am using a very “simple blueprint” that is allowing 
me to make over $500 a day, and gave me an 800% ROI in my online business…”

Finally A Traffic Method that Doesn’t Require You To Sell Your Kidneys For Success… I’ll Show You ExactlyHow to Turn Every Click Into A Subscriber!

From The Desk Of Dustin Custer: The Easy Tech Guy

A smart honest marketer will tell you that not every campaign will be a winner or even profitable. What Most won’t tell you is exactly how to turn those losers into leads.

From Solo ads to Facebook to Media Buys, There is one method that guarantees every single click becomes a lead.

I struggled for years to get my email list built and even longer to get them to open and click my links in messages. All those courses on being a better copywriter, creating better capture pages and even building sales funnels are missing This ONE Key Thing…..

What Happens to all those people that click a link and don’t buy or give you their information right away? What Happens to all those people that see your ads, emails and banners and don’t take action? What happens when they don’t even see your ads?

That’s Where My “Internal Strategy”
Comes In To Save The Day!…

It’s a simple yet detailed solution to all those problems. It doesn’t require a degree in coding, html or any of that other complex tech knowledge.

Every Fortune 500 company is using this exact method to get people to see their ads, come back to their sites and take the action they want.

It works for every page, website, email and link you’ll ever create. Your customers, prospects and list won’t even know it’s there. It takes seconds to setup and there are major advertising platforms like Facebook that do all the heavy lifting and tracking.

I Was On A $5.00 Daily 
Budget When I Got Started!

When I started implementing the 100% Opt-in Method I was at a place in my business where I could only afford to run $5-$10 a day in ads, So, I needed a cheap solution to guarantee I was getting in front of only people who were interested in what I had to offer.

I knew I had to watch my spending and I couldn’t afford to keep buying the same clicks over and over. So, I developed a solution to only get in front of people who had previously expressed interest in what I was offering.

I Know It’s Crazy To Think I Was Able To Start With A $5.00 Budget And Build Up To Multiple Five Figures Campaigns…

Talk Is Cheap, So Let Show You Undeniable Proof!

Real Verifiable 
Testimonials! Members Who Have Doubled, Tripled, Quadrupled Their Sales!

Two Reasons Why My BlueprintWill Work For You!

Here’s What The 100% Optin Formula
Is Going To Do For You!

The Ultimate 
Targeting Formula

Learn about the #1 platform for targeting and why everyone else is 5 steps behind in targeting the right people with every ad

Systematically break down every click and learn exactly what they are interested in and bank in ways you never knew

Find out exactly where your clicks and leads are going and how to get In front of them anytime you want, with products, services and tools they want.

Learn how to offer better deals, bonuses and special content to the people that visit you regularly, in a way that shows them you actually care.

There is one method I use over and over. Its In place for EVERY ad I run. No one has ever taught this and you’ll be one of the first. It allows me build the most rapid audiences and lists you’ve ever seen.

The Key Is To Know Your Audience!

GET 100% Optin Method DOWNLOAD

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