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Let me ask you a few questions…

  • Are you a Kindle publisher?
  • Do you write fiction or outsource it?
  • Would you like to tap into the #1 biggest & most profitable book genre?

If you said “yes” to any of those questions, then these plots will definitely benefit you a lot.

These 10 plots are the solution to all of those questions above & much more.

Dear Writers & Kindle Publishers,

Hey, Temper Thompson & Kiet Truong here!

Ever since we’ve began Kindle publishing, we’ve realized that there’s just one simple (yet very powerful) solution to curing writers’ block, producing high quality content & rapidly getting books written & published.

What is that solution?

Plot outlines, of course!

We’ve realized that romance is one of the best genres to publish in, simply because it’s the most popular genre & it’s readers are ALWAYS hungry for buying new books.

Now, if there was a way to easily eliminate writers’ block & create quality content in the #1 biggest fiction genre, how much would that benefit you?

Wouldn’t you take advantage of that opportunity?

Because the 10 romance plots we’re revealing today will do exactly that.

Each of these 10 romance fiction plots includes a detailed story outline, character development, rising action, climax, falling action, setting, etc. that you can develop into a book.

You can utilize these to tap into the most popular & profitable fiction genre of all time. Whether you hand these over to a ghostwriter or use them to write your own stories, you will benefit greatly.

Here’s The Problem Most Kindle Publishers Face…

Many of you have probably experienced this before…

  • You try to write, but you get stumped by writers’ block.
  • You try to outsource by hiring ghostwriters, but it’s difficult to get the quality content you need.
  • Maybe you’ve already tried publishing in various different genres, but none were very profitable.

These are all very common issues that we hear about all too often.

The big issue is that if your book doesn’t contain quality content, then it won’t stand a chance on the market. Heck, if you can’t even get the book written in the first place then nothing will happen!

This is the unfortunately common story of many authors & Kindle publishers, which is why so many people just give up altogether.

Here’s the Solution…

10 Premium Romance Fiction Plots

With these 10 romance plots, all of those problems are now solved.

You can follow these complete ‘done-for-you’ quick-set plot outlines to get inspiration for your own stories, or just hand them over to a ghostwriter to develop into complete high-quality books.

With this, one of your biggest Kindle roadblocks is now solved…
This is your solution to creating quality content that readers will love – in a highly profitable genre.

To be successful & profitable with Kindle publishing, you NEED quality content.

Without it, you are likely to fail. That’s a brutal truth.

However, with these 10 romance plots, there is no need to worry.
It will solve this need for you & do much more along the way.

The fact is – romance is the most popular genre there is.
It’s in the top 3 most popular & profitable genres on Kindle.

The romance genre is a gold mine, and you can easily tap into it using these plots.

Don’t believe me?

Fair enough… how about some proof?

Proof That This Method Works:

First off, let’s just take a look at Amazon’s top 100 paid fiction books for Kindle.

2 out of the top 3 are romance books.

If you also take a look at the top 100 free fiction books, you’ll notice that this still holds true.

2 out of the top 3 here are also romance books.

Now let’s take a look at some of our (Kiet & Temper) own romance books.

This next example is a series of 3 short romance books (about 10k words each), which we invested almost nothing into. We set them on a free promo, and that’s the only promotion we did.

This series of books generated 1,886 sales in just 4 weeks!

Every sale was at $2.99, so that equates to about $3,941.74 in pure profit from royalties!

If this doesn’t show the true potential of the romance genre, then I don’t know what does.

This really shows that romance is HOT right now.

It always has been, and I believe it always will be.

If these short romance stories generates 1,886 in sales, then just imagine what you could achieve with a little more effort.

What’s Inside These 10 ‘Done-For-You” Romance Plots:

  • Each of these plot is 1,500 – 2,500 words long
  • Character Development
  • Exposition
  • Rising Action
  • Climax
  • Falling Action
  • Resolution
  • Ending
  • Advice on how to get started with these plots
  • And MUCH more!

How This Solves Your Problems:

Do You Want To Improve Your Content Quality?

Quality content is very important to your long-term success on Kindle. Amazon reviewers tend to be harsh, so your book will quickly fall off if the content isn’t up to par.

With these 10 plots you can easily improve your content quality.

Do You Have Trouble Hiring Ghostwriters?

Outsourcing your book to ghostwriters is great, however it can be difficult to get what you want. You may not get what you expect in return, or the quality of the storyline may be lacking. This happens all too often.

The solution? Give your ghostwriter a plot outline! These 10 plots will fit in great, because they allow the writer to know exactly what you want & the storyline will undoubtedly be great.

Are You Struggling To Get Good Reviews?

Reviews are crucial to your success on Kindle. Poor reviews & lack of reviews will scare away potential book buyers. However, high-rating reviews can be hard to get.

With these 10 plots, your content quality can be easily improved, which will make people more inclined to post good reviews.

Are You Getting Stumped By Writers’ Block?

The dreaded “writers’ block” can just kill your momentum. If you keep getting stumped, then you’ll end up taking way too long to write your book.

Luckily, these 10 plot outlines will allow you to easily rid yourself of writers’ block by providing you with TONS of inspiration.

How This Can Help You…

These 10 romance plots are extremely useful.

Here are just some of the potential uses:

  • Hand them to a ghostwriter to develop
  • Use them to inspire yourself & eliminate writers’ block
  • Turn each plot into a full novel or novella
  • Use them to rapidly release new books
  • And MUCH more (I just can’t list all of the uses here)

Just imagine how insanely profitable these 10 romance plots wil be for you!

These 10 plots are extremely useful whether you know nothing about Kindle or if you’re an experienced Kindle publisher.

If you’re a newb…
You can utilize these plots to get some of your first books off the ground & finally published!

If you’re already experienced…

You can use these plots to build upon what you already have by developing them into new quality romance books.

The point is – no matter what type of publisher you are, these plots can highly benefit you!


  • Clear, concise & to-the-point outlines for every plot
  • Character descriptions & settings are included within the plotline
  • Instant delivery (anywhere & anytime)
  • 100% money-back guarantee for 30 days


  • Boost the content quality of your books
  • Get more 5-star reviews
  • You will have access to more new ideas for your stories
  • You will be able to easily publish more books
  • Ability to write your books faster
  • Expand your Kindle Publishing business
  • Create a stream of income
  • Improve your results from hiring ghostwriters
  • Eliminate writers’ block


  • 5 Cozy Mystery Plots

    5 highly detailed ‘done-for-you’ plots. Each plot is 1k – 2k words long and includes character development, complete story layout & more!

    This ALONE is worth the offer price.

  • Book Outsourcing Blueprint

    10-part video course on how to outsource your books. Very useful if you want to hire ghostwriters.

  • Book Formatting Software

    Use this software to easily format your books & make them ready for Kindle publishing.

Here’s What You’ll Be Getting

Now, we were originally going to charge $47 for this.

However, we wanted this to be a complete NO-BRAINER.

Then we considered $37, but we decided that we wanted this to be an opportunity that EVERYONE can easily afford to take action on.

That’s why we’ve decided to price this not at $47…

Not at $37…

Not even at $27…

But starting at just $17.
At that price, it’s a STEAL.

However, I must warn you that this is on a dimesale.
That means that the price will be rising a bit with every sale, so you must grab it now to reserve the lowest price possible.


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not completely satisfied and you feel that this product is not for you, then no worries. Just send us an email and we’ll refund every penny back to you.  Your purchase is 100% risk free!


If you want to tap into the highly profitable romance genre, inspire your own stories or improve your results from hiring ghostwriters, then these 10 romance plots are just what you need.




We must warn you that this is on a dimesale.

The price is going up bit-by-bit with every sale & it’s not going back down.
We highly suggest that you take action right now & grab it at the lowest price possible.

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